Phoenix1 to play showmatch against Invictus Gaming in Shanghai

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North American LCS team Phoenix1 will play a showmatch against League of Legends Pro League team Invictus Gaming on Nov. 15, according to a promotional announcement on the Sina gaming website. The match is for PandaTV, which is Invictus Gaming owner Wang Sicong's streaming platform.

The announcement had very few details on the nature of the showmatch itself, but featured a promotional image with Phoenix1, Invictus Gaming's LPL team, and their all-female team, iG KA. The showmatch will take place at the Shanghai World Expo Park, and the announcement explained that P1 will attend in part because of their sponsorship ties to a Beijing-based film company.

Neither Phoenix1 nor Invictus Gaming have yet to personally advertise the showmatch, but it was confirmed by Phoenix1's manager via Twitter that the team is indeed headed to Shanghai.

It is unclear what time and what kind of showmatch will be held, as the last time a show match occurred between an LCS team (Cloud9) and another team (CJ Entus Frost) while abroad, they were restricted from playing on Summoner's Rift. They instead played on Howling Abyss in a series of 1v1s and 2v2s against direct lane opponents.

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Riot explains Chronobreak
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Match highlights: Phoenix1 vs. Cloud9

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Riot: Meteos traded to Phoenix1

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William "Meteos" Hartman was "traded from C9 to P1 and is now an active member of P1's starting roster," a representative for Riot Games told theScore esports.

On Thursday, Phoenix1's announced that Meteos "has graciously agreed to sub in for our team on extremely short notice" and will replace starting jungler Rami "Inori" Charagh in the team's Week 5 matches against Cloud9 and Team EnVyUs. The organization said that Inori needed to return home "to take care of a personal matter."

Riot Games esports media relations lead Alex Rubens confirmed to theScore esports in an email that Meteos had been acquired by P1 in exchange for cash, stating that "they purchased/acquired the contract from C9." Section of Riot's 2017 NA LCS rules states that "Players may be traded from one team to another in exchange for a payment of cash or other consideration, so long as such transaction does not violate any other Rule(s)."

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Phoenix1 did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Meteos now appears on Phoenix1's roster in the official League of Legends esports league-recognized contract database.

It's possible that Meteos could be moved to a substitute position after Inori returns. What cannot happen, as per section 4.1.6 of Riot's 2017 NA LCS rules, is a return to Cloud9 for three weeks:

Any player who leaves or is removed from an LCS Roster (for any reason) may not re-join that LCS Roster as a result of a later trade, free agent signing, or any other type of transaction until a minimum of at least three game (3) weeks has elapsed following the effective date of the transaction that resulted in their most recent removal from the Active Roster unless granted a hardship exemption at league discretion. A game week is defined as a week in which LCS matches are being played.

With P1 set to battle C9 in one of their two Week 5 matches, it was unclear if a loaned player could indeed play against their current roster. But with a trade now confirmed by Riot, the members of Cloud9 constitute former teammates to Meteos instead.

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Former Tainted Minds coach alleges team was mistreated by org, players reportedly in contract dispute

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Former Tainted Minds coach Nick "Inero" Smith has alleged that the organization severely mistreated some of its League of Legends players, telling PVP Live's James "Obscurica" Chen that it attempted to bar them from leaving the org.

According to Inero, the team house was often without power over a period of two months. Other complaints included bad computers that crashed too often to play on, a lack of air conditioning and mold growth in the house.

Inero told PVP Live that the team missed two weeks of scrims because of the computer issues. The team then allegedly contacted a lawyer to legally terminate their contacts, before reportedly being told by Tainted Minds on Feb. 17 that they were still under contract to the org.

A representative for Jessep Entertainment and Sports Lawyers confirmed for theScore esports that the firm is representing a group of players in a contract dispute against Tainted Minds, but was unable to provide further clarification on the specific players involved and the nature of the dispute.

Inero told PVP Live the players' lawyer has told them that their contracts are legally terminated, and that they are "are not bound to represent Tainted Minds any further." However, all players who have played for Tainted Minds this split are still listed as being signed to Tainted Minds on Riot's Global Contract Database.

While PVP Live's report does not specify which players are in the dispute with Tainted Minds, Ryan "ShorterACE" Nget, Aaron "ChuChuZ" Bland, Tristan "Cake" Côté-Lalumière and Andrew "Rosey" Rose did not play in any of Tainted Minds 2017 OPL Split 1 Week 5 games.

Inero told PVP Live that on Feb. 18, Tainted Minds had 13 players signed to the org on the database, despite Riot's official rules stating that teams can only have 10 players signed to the roster.

Inero also claims that after the players' lawyer contacted Riot Oceania's head of esports with regards to Tainted Minds' alleged breaches of contract, Riot updated the Global Contract Database to put Tainted Minds in the right.

The database currently only lists 10 players on Tainted Minds, and states it was last updated on Feb 19th. Inero told PVP Live that this is a sign that Riot is covering up for Tainted Minds, as he claims to have a screenshot of the database from Feb. 20 that says it was last updated on Feb. 16.

Tainted Minds has yet to make a public statement on the matter.

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