Team Vitality sign irean as coach

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Korean ex-player and analyst Heo "irean" Young-cheol has been signed as coach by Team Vitality, in a Twitter announcement on Tuesday.

Starting his League career in 2012, irean most notably played as AD carry for Xenics Storm, placing second in the OGN Club Masters. In 2013, he transitioned from player to analyst for Vietnamese sister teams Saigon Jokers and Saigon Fantastic Five. When Saigon Fantastic Five disbanded in 2015, irean became the coach for Saigon Jokers.

His signing comes after the team finalized their overhauled roster for the 2017 EU LCS Split. Heading into this season, Team Vitality's starting roster is as follows:

  • Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet (Top)
  • Charly "Djoko" Guillard (Jungle)
  • Erlend "Nukeduck" Våtevik (Mid)
  • Pierre "Steeelback" Medjaldi (ADC)
  • Ha "Hachani" Seung-chan (Support)
  • Heo "irean" Yeong-cheol (Coach)

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Team Vitality, Adidas sign sponsorship deal

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Adidas has signed a one-year deal with Team Vitality that will see the sportswear company produce a new collection for the French esports organization and pay them an undisclosed amount.

Vitality will feature the team's logo on their jerseys, including their LCS jerseys. The deal was announced first on Twitter, and then confirmed by Vitality on their website.

Adidas is the largest European sportswear manufacturer and is a non-endemic sponsor in the esports space, though they also recently sponsored newly-formed esports organization NORTH. Neither Adidas' tweet nor Vitality's announcement confirmed the financial nature or exact length of the deal.

Speaking to theScore esports, Vitality's founder and owner Nicolas Maurer clarified the duration of the deal and described it as "a standard sponsorship deal between a brand and a team."

"We are getting paid like a standard sponsorship deal between a brand and a team. Can't disclose the figures though!"

Adidas did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Watch: Vizicsacsi baits Cabochard in a 1v1

by 11h ago
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In Week 1's series between Unicorns of Love versus Team Vitality, Tamás "Vizicsacsi" Kiss pulled out the first Camille pick of the EU LCS. Facing Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet, who counterpicked with a Fiora, the Hungarian Unicorn ran away from the 1v1 before finally utilizing Camille's absurd kit to lock down the Fiora into a sticky situation.

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Riot to hold international tournament in July

by 12h ago
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Riot Games will host an international League of Legends tournament in July, separate from the Mid-Season Invitational and Worlds, according to sections of a Chinese press conference translated by Yahoo Esports' Kelsey Moster.

According to the translation, Riot employee Ye Qiang said that instead of shortening the spring split in order to allow for more international competition, Riot will be hosting an international event in July, which would put it in the middle of the summer split.

“We are still considering what kind of event would be the most interesting for everyone," Qiang said. "For example, can we do a World Cup-type tournament? We hope LoL events can be more diversified, can satisfy our audience, and can give everyone a better player experience, so this is what we will target for the event this year in July. Wait and see.”

The exact format of this tournament is unknown, as is the specific location, date and even how participants will be selected. While the conference was held in China, there is no clear indication that the tournament will be held in Asia.

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Riot Games and Big Ten Network partner for new conference LoL championship

by 1d ago
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Riot Games and the Big Ten Network are set to announce a partnership for a new season-long collegiate League of Legends championship, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell.

The championship will feature 12 of the 14 conference schools competing in the championship, the exceptions being Nebraska and Penn State, and is set to begin on Jan. 30. Divided into two divisions named BTN East and West, teams will play in a best-of-three round robin against division opponents, with the top four moving on to a single elimination playoff bracket. The finals will take place on March 27 and will be televised by the BTN.

The winner of the BTN league will subsequently go on to compete in the LoL Collegiate Championship. For BTN, this league will hopefully allow them to reach an audience who they have not connected with before.

"As a content provider, we have obviously seen the popularity in esports grow," Erin Harvego, BTN's vice president of marketing, told ESPN. "Given the demographic that watches, perhaps this could reach a younger viewer who we haven't reached before."

This is not the first time that Riot and BTN have partnered for an event. Last April, BTN and Riot worked together to create the BTN Invitational, a best-of-five series between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan State Spartans.

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Team Vitality sign Shaunz as head of esports

by 4d ago
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Former head coach of Team Vitality Kévin "Shaunz" Ghanbarzadeh will be taking on the role of head of esports in 2017, according to a Twitter announcement on Monday.

Shaunz began working with the organization in 2015 after leaving Gambit Gaming where he also fulfilled the role of coach. The League of Legends roster will be left in the hands of Korean ex-player and analyst Heo "irean" Yeong-cheol, who was signed by Vitality as a coach last week.

Though Vitality's roster was considered very strong heading into the 2016 Spring Playoffs but the team was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Fnatic. Vitality were unable to make it into the 2016 Summer Playoffs — dodging the promotion tournament in seventh place — and will be returning to compete in the 2017 EU LCS Spring Season.

Kristine "Vaalia" Hutter is a news editor for theScore esports. You can find her on Twitter.

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