Elements to bench Wickd, set to pick up Kev1n


European LCS team Elements is set to replace their top laner Mike "Wickd" Petersen, multiple sources tell theScore. Many sources state that the team has been scrimming with Kevin "kev1n" Rubiszewski and will be the most likely replacement.

So far this season, Elements, who rebranded from Alliance in 2014, have been struggling. The team suffered a major setback last week when they lost to both Gambit Gaming and H2k Gaming in convincing fashion. Elements has been criticized for their passive playstyle, and Petersen in particular has come under heavy fire for his performances throughout the 2014 League of Legends World Championships and the 2015 LCS Spring Split.

While the reasoning for the benching is unclear, a source told theScore that it may have been due to stylistic clash between Petersen and the rest of the team. The source alleges that Petersen’s aggressive and reckless playstyle did not synergize with their more passive midlaner Henrik “Froggen” Hansen and AD Carry  Martin "Rekkles" Larsson.

Hansen and Petersen have been on the same team for over three years, spanning multiple organizations such as Counter Logic Gaming, Alliance and Evil Geniuses.



Sugar, Splyce and everything nice: EU LCS Week 8 staff picks

theScore esports Staff 3d ago

theScore esports' League of Legends experts have tapped into their inner oracle for the eighth week of the European LCS Summer Split and offer up predictions for each of the games.

2016 EU LCS Summer Season Records: Emily Rand (25-45), Kelsey Moser (27-42) Tim Sevenhuysen (26-44).

 FNC vs. SPY Split Split FNC
H2K vs. VIT  H2K H2K H2K
OG vs. GIA GIA GIA Split
G2 vs. UOL G2 G2 G2
S04 vs. ROC S04 Split S04
H2K vs. SPY SPY SPY Split
G2 vs. S04 G2 G2 G2

Fnatic vs. Splyce

Rand: I picked this as a split set since I find it impossible to ever truly count Fnatic out, but if it goes with one team over the other, Splyce will likely take it. Since their first meeting in Week 3 — a 2-0 victory for Fnatic — Splyce have been one of Europe's more consistent teams, gelling in time to make a strong playoff push, and have yet to be swept since that Fnatic set.

Moser: Fnatic have managed to exert a great deal more pressure in the early game since adding Kikis to the roster. This happens, allegedly, due to increased communication flow creating more opportunities for the team to make plays through Teleports or other moves, avoiding a stagnant early game. This is important given the tight ability to close on a lead Splyce have demonstrated. The previous Fnatic roster, unable to exert early pressure and get a lead, would not fare well against Splyce, but in this scenario, I think Splyce make enough mistakes setting up their mid game lane assignments that Fnatic can get the lead in at least one game.

Sevenhuysen: Splyce is on a tear, only dropping a single game in their last five series. Their schedule has been relatively soft, though, aside from their 1-1 split with G2 Esports. Fnatic is their next real challenge, and to have a chance in the series, Trashy will need to bottle up Spirit, no small challenge. Fnatic takes 54.3 percent of the jungle CS in their games, on average, best in Europe, and Splyce is just fifth at 50.5 percent. The jungle should be a key area of advantage for Fnatic, which is why I’m calling for them to win 2-0.

G2 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love

Rand: Again, my Unicorns of Love curse will probably rear its ugly head here — when I pick them to win, they lose, and when I pick them to lose, they win — but I'm still going with Europe's top team, G2, over UOL.

Moser: Unicorns of Love reacted extremely well to some of Giants' weaknesses last week, but G2 don't have the same problems. They aren't easily set back by reckless and proactive moves, and could instead punish a lot of what the Unicorns like to do. I still get the sense that G2 are taking a more relaxed approach to their Game 1s, so Unicorns getting a first win isn't out of the question, but I must predict based on my assessment of the teams overall, and I see a 2-0 for G2.

Sevenhuysen: The Unicorns deserve credit for being 6-2 over their last four best-of- twos, but the only really noteworthy win was the one game they took off Fnatic, and that was before Kikis arrived. G2 is a different beast, and I don’t see the Unicorns standing up to the challenge. I’ve been impressed by Hylissang’s play, but Zven and mithy are the best duo lane in Europe. For G2, I want to see continued improvement from Perkz as we approach the playoffs. He still hasn’t gotten back to the form he displayed in the spring split.

H2K-Gaming vs. Splyce

Rand: For me, this series is a question of momentum. I don't doubt that H2K have the talent and wherewithal not only to split this set but to win it outright, yet their continued struggles and lack of coordination hint at internal confidence issues. Meanwhile, Splyce is on the rise, and even if they lose outright to Fnatic on Day 1, I think they'll be able to overcome H2K.

Moser: H2K-Gaming have lost pep in their step. Splyce have managed to take their 1-3-1 to another level that relies less on the jungle to work independently and have up and down agency. Splyce feel more like a unit when they play, and though their drafts may be less conventional than H2K's, I believe this will be the most important factor.

Sevenhuysen: It’s worth noting that H2K’s 2-0 losses last week came against G2 and Fnatic, the two best teams in the league. There are some signs of frustration showing through, possibly because they’ve shown minimal progress in fixing their long-standing teamfighting issues. That said, H2K still has enough going to take a game off Splyce, if they can keep their discipline and punish Splyce’s relatively weak early game.

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Origen comments on reports of staff exodus

by 6d ago

Origen have commented on reports that a number of staff members left their employ due to issues ranging from poor management to an alleged lack of payment. According to the team, those who left were not employees but non-contractual collaborators.

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"Currently, not a single member of Origen’s staff has resigned, left their position or stopped working with us," Origen said in the statement. "Origen counted on, and still counts on, the collaboration of some people that, because of their loyalty to the team, voluntarily and altruistically assist online with some tasks, mainly communication and design."

The internal disputes became public last week with a flurry of tweets from former Origen staffers announcing their break from the organization, citing stress and drama as inciting reasons.

According to Dot Esports' Josh Raven, tensions were rising within the organization for some time with volunteers allegedly not being given the gear they were offered in lieu of payment, a lack of communication from management, and delayed payment for a freelancer and Tadayoshi "Hermit" Littleton, the team's former head coach.

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Origen's statement does not address the accusations of poor workplace culture, but refutes the delayed payment accusation, saying "Origen has always paid, completely legally, any of its players, “coaches”, “analysts” and rest of employees. If someone feels that this is not the case, we invite them to make a legal claim for the debt."

Despite a focus on collaborators in Origen's statement, the exodus included several high-ranking members of the organization, including their general manager, Marck "PapaB3ar" Hernandez, as well as their chief content editor Ioana Popa.

The statement calls the reports on the situation "a clear campaign to discredit Origen" and are reviewing legal actions to take against media and individuals involved.

Former Fnatic mid laner Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez founded Origen in December 2014 at the age of 22. While the team came in second at the 2015 EU LCS Spring Playoffs, they've suffered in the 2016 summer split with roster shakeups and are currently ninth in the league standings.

Sasha Erfanian is a news editor for theScore esports. Follow him on Twitter, it'll be great for his self-esteem.


UoL’s manager Romain on the fans: ‘We have the best fans by far. They were way better than the Fnatic fans’

Karina Ziminaite

The Unicorns of Love proved to be the better mid-tier teams after they defeated Giants Gaming in a 2-0 series.

After their win, theScore esports caught up with UoL's manager Romain "Khagneur" Bigard to hear how the team prepared for the match, why he thinks their fans are the best and what inspired him to dye his hair and beard a vivid pink.

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Exileh on UoL's Week 8 matches: 'I'm very looking forward to play G2 and give them their first loss'

Karina Ziminaite 5d ago

The Unicorns of Love split their Week 7 match against Team Vitality. Following the series, theScore esports met up with mid laner Fabian "Exileh" Schubert to find out which out-of-meta champion he enjoys playing the most, how he feels about the boisterous UoL fans that come to cheer at the LCS studios and what he's thinking ahead of facing ROCCAT and G2 Esports in Week 8.

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WATCH: Expect keelhauls Splyce for the Penta


Gangplank is a niche pick that is gaining popularity, and G2 Esports' Dae-Han "Expect" Ki showed why, with a Pentakill that not only destroyed Splyce, but won the game for his team.

After using his Cannon Barrage to steal the kill on Jonas "Trashy" Andersen Expect calmly walked through the rest of Splyce.

The brutal practice of keelhauling, where a sailor is dragged under a ship, was finally banned by the Dutch Navy in 1853.

Apparently Gangplank and Expect didn't get the memo.

Josh "Gauntlet" Bury is a Dutch naval historian and piracy enthusiast. You can find him on Twitter.

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