Origen's xPeke on returning to the stage: 'I think by Summer Split for sure'

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Origen ends Week 4 of the EU LCS 1-1, maintaining their standing in the middle of the pack. Following their match against GIANTS! Gaming, Origen's owner Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez took the time to talk to Marcel "Dexter" Feldkamp about the team's current struggles, returning to professional play and the potential for expanding the organization to other games.

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xPeke returns as support for Origen

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Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez will return to Origen's starting roster temporarily as their support player, the team announced on Facebook Sunday.

Additionally, former support player Aleksi "Hiiva" Kaikkonen has mutually parted ways from the team, declining a substitute position, according to Origen's announcement.

"The goal is not to keep xPeke for support for a long time," the team said in their Facebook statement. "We have done some tryouts and we have several players in mind but, being in the middle of a split, it is very complicated to get the moves that we would like."

The news comes after Hiiva was removed from Origen's roster Wednesday March 1 on both the official League of Legends esports league-recognized contract database and the matchup page for their contest against Misfits, which happened Saturday.

Origen fielded xPeke in his new role, but lost against Misfits series 2-0, putting them at a 0-7 (0-14) record and dead last in their group.

"We know that Origen is not in the situation that we would like," the team announced, "but we are working hard to reverse the situation as much as possible and build a competitive team again."

While xPeke was traditionally a mid laner for the majority of his career, he played AD carry for Origen for a portion of the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split.

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Origen sign Cinkrof as new jungler

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Origen have signed ThunderX3 Baskonia player Jakub "Cinkrof" Rokicki as their new jungler, the organization announced Wednesday.

As part of Baskonia, Cinkrof gas played this season so far in the Spanish LVP, where the team is currently first in the standings with a 4-1-0 record. Prior to playing for Baskonia, Cinkrof played for Spanish team The Penguins Mafia and Polish team Szef+6.

As the team's new jungler, Cinkrof will be replacing Tae-wan "Wisdom" Kim. Origen has yet to make a statement regarding Wisdom's status with the team.

Origen are currently in dead last in Group B of the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split with a 0-7 set count and a historic 0-14 game record. As a result, the team has made some big changes to their starting roster in the past few days, dropping support Aleksi "Hiiva" Kaikkonen in favor of team owner and former mid laner and AD carry Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez.

Origen are scheduled to play against Team ROCCAT and Giants Gaming in Week 7 of the EU LCS.

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NicoThePico parts ways with Fnatic

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Fnatic head coach Nicholas "NicoThePico" Korsgård has left the team, the organization announced Monday. Team manager Finlay “Quaye” Stewart will step in as the team's interim coach until a replacement is found, while Michael “Garki” Bolze will take over as manager.

NicoThePico was previously Origen's head coach before being replaced by Alvar “Araneae” Martín in July. He himself replaced Luis “Deilor” Sevilla as Fnatic's head coach in August.

"After joining Fnatic at the end of Summer Split 2016, I got the chance to build a new roster together with the FNC management for the upcoming season. We started off looking good and had apparent synergy and meshed well together, both in and out of game. As time went on we started facing challenges on the inside. As a result, problems occurred that I could not foresee beforehand and fix in due time," NicoThePico said in a statement.

"As I have been unable to provide the needed remedy, I feel that someone else with an outside perspective on the team and its issues, in both draft and gameplay, might be a better solution than what I was able to provide. I’ve decided to step down as Head Coach of FNC effective immediately."

Fnatic are currently in third place of Group A of the 2017 EU LCS spring split with a 4-6 record. They face Giants Gaming on Mar. 25.

"I am of the belief that we have a truly talented group of players capable of far more than where we currently sit in the standings. I will do my best to give the players a better structure and the resources needed to succeed," Quaye said in a statement. "Together with remote coaches, analysts and our players, we will make sure to give ourselves the best chance at playoffs and making it to Hamburg. The situation is far from ideal but we strongly believe that we are moving in the right direction.

"I'd like to thank Nico for all his hard work and wish him the best of luck in the future."

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Infographic: What if NA LCS and EU LCS were still best-of-one?

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While Riot Games abandoned the best-of-one format for the NA LCS and EU LCS back in 2015, theScore esports wanted to see how the current standings would stack up if the leagues still used the format.

Though Team SoloMid are currently leading the NA LCS with a 12-2 match record, counting only the first game of each match, TSM would actually be tied for third place with Echo Fox, Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals, each with 7-7 records. Interestingly, even with best-of-one, Cloud9 would have the same 11-3 record.

In Europe, across both Group A and Group B, league standings would actually remain largely the same counting either first game record or match record. The primary difference would be G2 and Misfits being tied for first in Group A with 7-2 records. G2 are undefeated in the official standings with a 9-0 match record.

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Best Skin Concepts: Lee Sin, the Blind Monk

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Thumbnail image courtesy of no crowns for kings / Tumblr

Skins of the Week is a weekly series that highlights the best skins and skin concepts for a heroes, champions and characters across a variety of games.

This week, we're focusing on League of Legends' greatest martial artist, Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. With a new skin set to debut soon, we're taking a look at the best skins and concepts for LoL's ubiquitous jungler.

God Fist Lee Sin

Lee Sin's moniker is "The Blind Monk," so it seems a bit silly to create a skin that is defined by Lee Sin being able to see normally. That said, for every Lee Sin player who has ever gotten tired of the constant jokes about being blind, God Fist Lee Skin is the skin for you.

Beyond the inclusion of sight, God Fist Lee Sin has a great silhouette, which seems more than slightly similar to Marvel's Iron Fist. Personally, I can't wait until Riot releases Super Ultimate God Level Tier Lee Sin, which will likely feature gigantic hair for no real reason.

Red Demon Lee Sin

by mist XG

Taking Lee Sin in a completely new direction, this 'Red Demon Lee Sin' by mist XG turns the peaceful, meditative monk into a fighter bent on destruction. The greaves and gauntlets are the highlights of this concept, showcasing just how deadly Lee Sin can be. Twisted and dangerous, Red Demon Lee Sin is a solid concept for a darker, evil version of the well-loved champion.

Traditional Lee Sin

by no crowns for kings

Outside of his default appearance, Lee Sin's skins gradually move further and further away from his moniker. But no so with this skin, which is inspired by traditional clothes worn by Chinese monks.

While the beads are a nice touch, it's the sashes that flow outward from his back that are the highlight of this concept. They could provide some great animations were this concept to become reality. This twist on Lee Sin's title is colorful, exciting, and makes me wish it was available for use.

Dragon Priest Lee Sin

by Beastysakura

Dragon Priest Lee Sin is certainly more beastly than what one would expect the monk to be. Much like Red Demon Lee Sin, this concept features greaves to emphasize his deadlier aspects, though the primary draw this time are the monstrous face and hands. While Lee Sin is normally fierce yet retains an air of peace, this Dragon Priest variant is more animalistic, more tortured, yet undoubtedly just as cool to imagine as his other skins.

Galactic Pilgrim Lee Sin

by narm

Lee Sin in space is just a great image in and of itself, but this skin concept takes the idea and runs with it to a strange yet awesome conclusion. Galactic Pilgrim Lee Sin has a lot going on for him, with the color scheme and shock gauntlets being at the forefront, but it remains recognizably Lee Sin as its core.

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