Origen's xPeke on returning to the stage: 'I think by Summer Split for sure'


Origen ends Week 4 of the EU LCS 1-1, maintaining their standing in the middle of the pack. Following their match against GIANTS! Gaming, Origen's owner Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez took the time to talk to Marcel "Dexter" Feldkamp about the team's current struggles, returning to professional play and the potential for expanding the organization to other games.

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Origen appoints new CEO


Origen have appointed Javier Zafra de Jáudenes as CEO of the organization.

The post on Origen's website said that Origen "is focused on growing as an organisation and on increasing the strategic development of our team," and that Zafra will be taking care of "marketing, communication and business operations," among others.

Zafra said in the release that being part of Origen is "a dream come true," because the organization's values align so closely with his own.

"We have to keep working hard to regain the level that Origen has always had, but I am totally convinced that we will succeed and Origen will keep growing and consolidating itself as one of the best eSports companies internationally,” Zafra said.

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Kraków to host EU LCS Summer Finals

by 6h ago

The EU LCS Summer Finals will be held in Kraków, Poland on Aug. 27-28, according to an announcement from Riot Games via the official League of Legends esports page.

The venue will be the TAURON Arena, which boasts a capacity of over 15,000 for sporting events.

The first-place finisher at Kraków will represent Europe at Worlds, with the second spot going to the EU team with the most Championship Points and the third selected though the EU Regional Qualifiers, which are set to take place after the Summer Finals. G2 Esports currently leads the standings for Championship Points with 90 so far.

The EU LCS Spring Finals were held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, at the Rotterdam Ahoy, a concert hall venue that had similar seating capacity to TAURON.

Tickets for the Summer Finals are not yet on sale, but more information is expected soon.

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sOAZ on the 80 minute epic against Fnatic and the obstacles in the search for a new ADC

by 1d ago

CS was had and records were set as Origen and Fnatic slugged it out in one of the longest games in League of Legends history, eventually leading to a nail-biting Origen win and a 1-1 series split on the first day of the EU LCS Summer Split's fourth week.

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Marcel "Dexter" Feldkamp caught up with Paul "sOAZ" Boyer after the epic match to break down the psychological effects of long competitive games and Origen's struggles in their search for a new AD carry.

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Highlight: Vitality pull off the miracle hold, twice

by 4d ago

This was insane.

Team Vitality felt plenty of pressure in their second game against G2 Esports, when G2 decided to push deep and end the game. But as Vitality's towers fell, they managed to pull it together and save their Nexus with a fraction of its health remaining.

But Vitality couldn't capitalize on their defense, as G2 came back with their entire team not even three minutes later. As all of G2 converged on the Nexus, Vitality pulled off the impossible to wipe G2 and hold a second time.

Vitality would go on to win the game, in what is easily the greatest hold in the EU LCS in the 2016 Summer Split.

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Rekkles, Febiven break CS world record

by 5d ago

Fnatic AD carry Martin "Rekkles" Larsson has broken the CS world record with a final CS score of 858 in a game against Origen. The previous record of 805 was held by Shin "Nuclear" Jung-hyun, a player on the Korean Challenger team SBENU.

Fnatic's mid laner Fabian "Febiven" Diepstraten also broke the record with a CS score of 848. In the 80:28 game, the fourth longest game in competitive LoL history, Febiven played as Viktor with a 9/6/6 KDA while Rekkles played as Ezreal with a 5/1/10 KDA.

The game was stalled for so long by a combination of Fnatic's wave-clear and three Ocean Drakes, which allowed them to fend off Origen past the 80-minute mark despite Origen repeatedly taking inhibitors.

But despite two of Fnatic’s players breaking records, they lost the game to Origen and tied the series 1-1. It was the longest game in EU LCS history, just nine seconds behind the NA LCS 2014 Summer match between compLexity Gaming and Team Curse at 80:37.

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