WE to use alternate roster for Katowice


Chinese representatives Team WE will be using an alternate roster for the IEM World Championships in Katowice, ESL confirmed to theScore today.

The alternate roster, as featured on the Intel Extreme Masters website, will replace their current LPL mid laner Noh "Ninja" Geon-woo for current substitute player Su "Xiye" Han-Wei.  Former Jin Air Green Wings AD carry Jin "Mystic" Seong-jun will replace current LPL AD carry Qu "Styz" Zi-Liang.

The move has been speculated inside Chinese circles for a while, with many stating that Seong-jin's high ranking on the Chinese Ionian server as one of the reasons for this change.

Seong-jun was previously the AD Carry for the Jin Air Green Wings Falcons and additionally played for Team WE's sister team, WE Academy, as a jungler in the 2015 LPL expansion tournament. 

Han-Wei previously played for WE Academy as their mid laner prior to their LPL qualification in Summer of 2014. He only played six Best of 2s for WE Academy before being replaced by high ranking Korean solo queue player, Son "Mickey" Yong-min. Xiye returned to the roster after the LPL season to play the 2015 Expansion Tournament, but was replaced again by Bae "dade" Eo-jin when the team was sold off and renamed to Master3.

WE currently sit at the bottom of the table in the Tencent LoL Pro League with a overall Win-Draw-Loss record of 1-6-8 and many Chinese fans have lamented the fact that WE will be the only team to represent the LPL.

ESL has confirmed with theScore that this will be the roster that WE will be using at Katowice. It remains to be seen if this will be the roster WE opts to run in the LPL afterwards. 

WE's IEM Katowice roster will be:

  • Zhenming “Aluka” Peng (Top)

  • Dayun “Spirit” Lee (Jungle)

  • Su “Xiye” Han-Wei (Mid)

  • Jin “Mystic” Seong-jun (ADC)

  • Zhe “YuZhe” Zhang (Support)


Kraków to host EU LCS Summer Finals

by 1d ago

The EU LCS Summer Finals will be held in Kraków, Poland on Aug. 27-28, according to an announcement from Riot Games via the official League of Legends esports page.

The venue will be the TAURON Arena, which boasts a capacity of over 15,000 for sporting events.

The first-place finisher at Kraków will represent Europe at Worlds, with the second spot going to the EU team with the most Championship Points and the third selected though the EU Regional Qualifiers, which are set to take place after the Summer Finals. G2 Esports currently leads the standings for Championship Points with 90 so far.

The EU LCS Spring Finals were held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, at the Rotterdam Ahoy, a concert hall venue that had similar seating capacity to TAURON.

Tickets for the Summer Finals are not yet on sale, but more information is expected soon.

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Azael on the differences between casting for Riot and Blizzard and what he does to improve his craft

William "scarra" Li

We may be a third of the way through the season, but it's all still new for Isaac "Azael" Cummings Bentley, one of the NA LCS' newest casting voices. A former World of Warcraft pro and multi-game talent, Azael came to the broadcast team from within Riot's development team.

theScore esports' William "scarra" Li caught up with the new caster to discuss his vast history in esports, how working for Riot's production compares to other companies within the industry and what he's learned from the veterans on the NA LCS' desk.

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Our Insomnia Picks: LCK/LPL Week 6

by 3d ago

The end of Week 5 marked the halfway point for the 2016 LPL Summer Season, and Week 6 will close the door on the first round robin of LCK Summer 2016. As both of these leagues come to a middle, the games chosen reflect continuing tests of strength for certain teams, or potential desperate measures for others as various organizations in Korea and China try to grab a stronger foothold towards the top of the standings

LCK: KT Rolster vs. Jin Air Green Wings

Last week when I chose the Jin Air Green Wings against the ROX Tigers, Jin Air were fresh off of their win against previously-undefeated SK Telecom T1. I off-handedly mentioned that MVP, not the Tigers, would be the greater challenge for Jin Air, given their penchant for winning against top-tier opponents before dropping to teams that they should easily beat.

Jin Air lost to both MVP and the Tigers last week, falling from second place to fifth in the standings. Split after split, it's always impossibly difficult to discern whether the Green Wings are a good team or not. They often have strong starts, but fall once other Korean teams surpass them or another meta shift goes through. KT Rolster are often a similar puzzle, at times looking like the best team in the world while faltering in their next series due to inexplicable drafting or a complete lack of sense in the mid-game. This past week was no different for KT, who had an excellent series against Samsung before nearly losing to last-place CJ Entus — a series they would have likely lost had it not been for a timely Go "Score" Dong-bin baron steal.

This is a litmus test for both KT and Jin Air prior to the season's halfway mark. With very little separating first from fifth, these two teams want a strong showing in their final series of the first round robin, and both have visible weaknesses that the other can exploit.

LPL: Demacia Cup Quarterfinals

LPL proper won't continue next week, but the Demacia Cup is finally kicking off. An absurd amount of games will air on two streams simultaneously as the double round robin best of one group stage decides which of eight teams will advance to the quarterfinals.

Following the 48-game group stage, the upper bracket will pit the top eight against one another in quarterfinals. Not all matches will be worth watching, but with the best teams in China competing, some great clashes are sure to take place on July 2 and July 3. Just how far has Snake risen with their new jungler? This may be the first chance we get to find out.

Read our news post on the tournament details, and check back for an announcement detailing the quarterfinals schedule as the group stage winds down.

LMS: Flash Wolves vs Machi E-Sports

With ahq falling on hard times, Flash Wolves continue their reign of terror undefeated at the top of the League of Legends Master Series. Yet the plucky Machi E-Sports have been making unexpected gains. With ahq falling on themselves against Flash Wolves in their earlier encounter, Machi may pose an unexpected threat.

Machi's last encounter with Flash Wolves ended with an 0-3 in the Wolves' favor, but ultimately allowed them to finish in third place in the Spring split. Taking a game off second place Jay Team, Machi have put focus on AD carry Chen "Dee" Chunti and support Tseng "Dreamer" Chienhung, well regarded in the region as a powerful support. They may well be a team capable of targeting Flash Wolves' weaknesses (namely, Hsiung "NL" Wenan).

Likely to end in another Flash Wolves victory, Machi are at least sure to win a few new fans.

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Highlight: Vitality pull off the miracle hold, twice

by 5d ago

This was insane.

Team Vitality felt plenty of pressure in their second game against G2 Esports, when G2 decided to push deep and end the game. But as Vitality's towers fell, they managed to pull it together and save their Nexus with a fraction of its health remaining.

But Vitality couldn't capitalize on their defense, as G2 came back with their entire team not even three minutes later. As all of G2 converged on the Nexus, Vitality pulled off the impossible to wipe G2 and hold a second time.

Vitality would go on to win the game, in what is easily the greatest hold in the EU LCS in the 2016 Summer Split.

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Rick Fox on building an esports empire: 'I want them to be champions'


Rick Fox is no a stranger to being a champion.

Taking his talents from the hardwood to the Rift, Rick Fox is working on building an esports empire with his organization, Echo Fox.

While in Los Angeles, California, theScore esports' Lisa Doan had the chance to sit down with Rick Fox to discuss his leap into esports, how LA Lakers owner Jerry Buss inspired him to be the owner he is today and his hopes for Echo Fox.

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