7 Quick Tips for Kha'Zix

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As one of the highest priority jungle picks in the current meta, Kha'Zix comes with his own set of tips and tricks that make him an incredibly satisfying champion to play. Mastering the deadly insect's tricks will keep have you floating like a butterfly, and stinging like a bee.

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  1. Your ultimate puts you in an "invisible" state, making it so that you cannot be fully revealed or hit by targeted spells
  2. Your ultimate's unseen state can help you reapply your passive as well as Duskblade of Draktharr's true damage
  3. You can Q before your E lands, letting you apply the damage earlier and get the opportunity for a second Q spell earlier as well
  4. Your W applies your passive, so weaving in and out of vision and firing the spell allows for more potent poke damage
  5. Q is an auto attack reset, so weaving Qs between auto attacks is incredibly important for your burst damage as well as quicker jungle clears
  6. Kha'Zix can start raptors in the jungle with a mid lane or bot lane leash. Starting W to stay healthy and apply area of effect damage, once he finishes the small raptors, he'll hit level 2 and finish the large raptor very quickly with isolated Qs
  7. Krugs are isolated while their smaller versions are in the air during their spawn animations, making Q do more damage and allowing for a faster clear time

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Gabriel Zoltan-Johan is a News Editor at theScore esports and the head analyst for the University of Toronto League of Legends team. His (public) musings can be found on his Twitter.

A guide to Kha'Zix

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Despite the readily available number of game bugs that occasionally impact the professional scene, it's actually been Kha'Zix that has filled the mould as the go-to bug for teams, especially those looking for a high-priority jungle pick.

His value is increased substantially in solo queue as well, as his passive and isolation mechanic are way more useful in situations where teams may be less co-ordinated. As a result, adding this insect to your arsenal can help you evolve and overcome your opponents.


Attack Damage Reds, 5 Armor Yellows and 4 Health per level Yellows, Magic Resistance Blues, Attack Damage Quintessences

Giving yourself as much attack damage as possible does two things. Early on, it allows you to clear your jungle much more quickly, and the combination of armor and scaling health can allow you to survive your jungle and scale well with the early resistances you get in your build. Later, it contributes to your 280 percent bonus attack damage scalings and, of course, your auto attacks. Early magic resistance helps against magic damage in skirmishes, and contributes to your fight survivability.


Twelve points in Ferocity gives you increased ability damage on your low cooldown Q and W, and allows you to clear the jungle faster through either early stacks on Bounty Hunter or Double-Edged Sword. Opting into Vampirism allows you to sustain even more off of your high-damage isolation.

Eighteen points in Cunning gives you more damage in your clear and allows you to specialize in Thunderlord’s Decree and lethality for your ganks and early skirmishes. Greenfather’s Gift works on jungle creeps, allowing you to consistently clear your jungle incredibly quickly by contributing early burst damage onto targets. Because of the low mana costs and mana pool of Kha’Zix, points in Meditation are not as useful as they would be on champions such as Orianna or Jayce. Therefore, specializing completely in Merciless lets you assassinate foes more quickly.

Skill Order

Taking the maximum number of points in your Q is the best way to get the most damage per second overall on Kha’Zix. The low cooldown and ability for it to auto attack reset is what makes Q worth maxing first as a result. Afterwards, maxing your W second is best. Your second-most damaging ability over time, W max second also gives you guaranteed slows after evolving it, while also applying extra damage and your champion and item passives. Leveling up your leap last is best. Though you keep the high cooldown of the leap by doing this, it’s better overall just due to the range not changing through leveling up, and your burst damage being worse as a whole.

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Evolve Order

W > E > Q

The ideal evolution order has changed thanks to nerfs to the Q as well as a dramatic shift in what’s powerful in the current meta. For one, poke has surfaced as something more valuable now that tanks are not as threatening a presence to start fights during siege situations outside of flanks. Secondly, the guaranteed slow of the W evolve allows you or your allies to follow up more easily onto fleeing champions, making it more useful when a champion tries to flash or dash out of situations. Having it become area of effect as well makes it a lot more forgiving in terms of aiming at and hitting enemies. As a result, evolving W makes it so that you provide the most to your team while also still maintaining the high damage that Kha’Zix provides.

Evolving your E second is another utility-based choice and something that helps you on multiple levels. The increased leap range can allow you to chase targets more easily, and the resets give you an opportunity to continue your rampage or escape after taking out a carry. The Q evolution should be last, as it is better than the R evolution damage-wise and was nerfed recently, shifting the order of what should be evolved first. Q's evolution gives very little now that the isolation cooldown was increased substantially.

Build Order

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The major thing needed from Kha’Zix’s build is an early ability to burst down targets, and maneuver around fights without getting immediately blown up by stray area of effect abilities or getting locked down by crowd control before getting your vital resets. As a result, early resistances with Skirmisher’s Sabre can give you pseudo-tankiness. Once your lethality starts scaling, that in combination with the Black Cleaver’s additional armor shred and cooldown reduction lets you stay relevant in more extended fights as you constantly apply the shred with your poke on evolved W.

  1. Skirmisher’s Sabre (Warrior)

  2. Boots (Ninja Tabi most of the time, Mercury Treads if tons of crowd control)

  3. Edge of Night

  4. The Black Cleaver

  5. Steraks’ Gage

  6. Randuin’s Omen or Guardian Angel

Sterak’s Gage is a more recent pickup for junglers, ideal due to the additional AD that it provides, but also its incredible tankiness in a meta fixated on longer range poke and high burst damage from champions such as Jhin, Corki, Graves, Jayce and Varus. You also give yourself more effective health overall to compliment your early resistances, and it’s at the point that you build Sterak’s Gage that you fit the optimal effective health equation balance between health and resistances. As well, you still deal incredible amounts of damage through your armor shredding.


Kha’Zix has two primary modes of aggression. The first is poking down your opponents to a suitable level, to the point where you can jump in and one-shot them. The second is exploiting your mobility and invisibility to strategically place yourself to isolate and assassinate high value targets. Weaving both into your game will make you a potent Kha’Zix.

In the early game, farming is key, and ganking lanes with crowd control is pretty likely to net early kills in conjunction with your isolation damage. Invading is also a potent tool, as catching enemy junglers out in isolation gives you distinct advantages in trading damage. The isolation slow from W allows you to chase more effectively as well if given the chance.

In the mid-game, as you evolve two key abilities in W and E, you give more utility to your team in larger fights through the area of effect damage and the ability to cause chaos through your jump resets. Using your poke in siege situations, and weaving through the frontline in order to kill backline targets is incredibly easy with your invisibility.

In the late game, you can continue your mid-game plan; but as outer turrets fall, it’s worth catching stragglers who think it’s safe to farm sidelanes by roaming with your high out-of-combat movement speed from your lethality item.

Gabriel Zoltan-Johan is a News Editor at theScore esports and the head analyst for the University of Toronto League of Legends team. His (public) musings can be found on his Twitter.

The Best Fails from Week 5 of the 2017 Spring Split

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Raise a glass to the fallen Jhins and the G2 curse.

Take a moment of silence for the dearly departed memes, deadly Krugs and shamed suit jackets — the midway point of the 2017 Spring Split has arrived and the fails are flowing freely.

Here are the best fails from Week 5 of this season.

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Former Tainted Minds coach alleges team was mistreated by org, players reportedly in contract dispute

by 6d ago
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore esports / Tainted Minds

Former Tainted Minds coach Nick "Inero" Smith has alleged that the organization severely mistreated some of its League of Legends players, telling PVP Live's James "Obscurica" Chen that it attempted to bar them from leaving the org.

According to Inero, the team house was often without power over a period of two months. Other complaints included bad computers that crashed too often to play on, a lack of air conditioning and mold growth in the house.

Inero told PVP Live that the team missed two weeks of scrims because of the computer issues. The team then allegedly contacted a lawyer to legally terminate their contacts, before reportedly being told by Tainted Minds on Feb. 17 that they were still under contract to the org.

A representative for Jessep Entertainment and Sports Lawyers confirmed for theScore esports that the firm is representing a group of players in a contract dispute against Tainted Minds, but was unable to provide further clarification on the specific players involved and the nature of the dispute.

Inero told PVP Live the players' lawyer has told them that their contracts are legally terminated, and that they are "are not bound to represent Tainted Minds any further." However, all players who have played for Tainted Minds this split are still listed as being signed to Tainted Minds on Riot's Global Contract Database.

While PVP Live's report does not specify which players are in the dispute with Tainted Minds, Ryan "ShorterACE" Nget, Aaron "ChuChuZ" Bland, Tristan "Cake" Côté-Lalumière and Andrew "Rosey" Rose did not play in any of Tainted Minds 2017 OPL Split 1 Week 5 games.

Inero told PVP Live that on Feb. 18, Tainted Minds had 13 players signed to the org on the database, despite Riot's official rules stating that teams can only have 10 players signed to the roster.

Inero also claims that after the players' lawyer contacted Riot Oceania's head of esports with regards to Tainted Minds' alleged breaches of contract, Riot updated the Global Contract Database to put Tainted Minds in the right.

The database currently only lists 10 players on Tainted Minds, and states it was last updated on Feb 19th. Inero told PVP Live that this is a sign that Riot is covering up for Tainted Minds, as he claims to have a screenshot of the database from Feb. 20 that says it was last updated on Feb. 16.

Tainted Minds has yet to make a public statement on the matter.

Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.

Mid Season Tanks Update - Maokai

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After Sejuani's changes were discussed in a previous post, Maokai has been announced as the next tank rework slated for the Rift. Game Designer Beluga Whale took to the forums to discuss the incoming changes:

"Why hello there. It's time to turn over a new leaf for Maokai, the next champion in our Tank Update! We choose Maokai for a slot in this update because we felt that there was a great opportunity to push this champion as a whole into a really good state. With fairly modern visuals and an updated lore courtesy of the Harrowing, there were only a few major flaws remaining."

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