Team SoloMid hire Weldon Green as coach and psychology trainer

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Esports psychologist Weldon Green is joining Team SoloMid's support staff for the remainder of the 2016 season to assist with coaching and helping the players deal with things like "personal issues and burnout," according to a statement from the organization.

Green worked with TSM for a few weeks during the Spring Split, but was not brought on staff at the time. However, the organization says in its statement that "the players have been very receptive to his feedback and criticism, and Weldon has proven himself capable." Green also worked with Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid earlier in 2016.

TSM are moving Green and his family to a house near the team house in Los Angeles. "He will be a coach and sports psychology trainer at TSM, and will be working with Parth Naidu who is remaining as our main gameplay coach," the team said.

His job could expand beyond League of Legends to TSM's teams in other games. According to TSM owner Andy "Reginald" Dinh, "If this split is successful, we will integrate him more into our other game titles to develop talent."

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