BOT Empire sign SuperGirlKels

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BOT Empire have signed Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player Kelsy "SuperGirlKels" Medeiros.

BOT Empire currently fields Gears of War, Call of Duty, Smite and Overwatch teams, and SuperGirlKels is their first Smash player. SuperGirlKels is considered one of the strongest Smash 4 players in Canada, and among the top Sonic players in the world.

"Without question, Kelsy is known for her charisma, kind heart, and seemingly viral positive attitude. It doesn't stop there, she's personable, giving, compassionate, comical," BOT Empire owner Jake Heiserman told theScore esports.

"On a more competitive side she is experienced, she is arguably the best or one of the best female players in Smash 4. She is a fierce competitor that is always looking for way to improve, seeking advice, and showing EVERY opponent respect win or lose."

SGK recently placed second at LAN ETS, 13th at Shine 2016 and fourth at EGLX, and is currently ranked second on the Montreal Smash 4 power rankings, behind EVO 2017 champion Elliot "Ally" Bastien Carroza-Oyarce. SGK told theScore esports that she'll be travelling and participating in more tournaments in 2017.

"2017 is full of experiences I can't wait to learn from," she said. "I have a lot planned regarding smash thanks to BOT, I will be traveling almost every month to places that I've never been before... so seeing new culture and meeting new people is exciting for me especially exceeding my knowledge in smash in new scenes with challengers from EVO, CEO, 2GG and more. I'm excited. "

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Genesis to run Fuse Melee Doubles circuit

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Genesis' organizers have announced Fuse, a Super Smash Bros. Melee Doubles circuit that will end on July 16, EVO's championship Sunday.

The circuit will consist of three Premier tournaments and six Majors. The premier tournaments are Genesis 4, CEO Dreamland and one more that will be announced at a later date, while the Majors will include BEAST 7, Full Bloom 3, Smash 'N' Splash 3, HLFan and at least two more events that have yet to be confirmed. Finally, tournaments will be able to request circuit status.

All tournaments on the circuit will award points to the top teams, and the Top 8 teams going into EVO will be invited to the Grand Finals. In the announcement post, Genesis organizer Sheridan Zalewski noted that the event will not run at the same time at Street Fighter V or Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's EVO Top 8s, though the final location and time of the event has yet to be confirmed.

Points will be distributed to teams, not individuals, meaning that Adam "Armada" Lindgren and Andreas "Android" Lindgren will retroactively be given points for their first place finish at Genesis 4, but if Android were to team up with another player at CEO Dreamland, that team would not have Armada's points from Genesis.

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TSM's Leffen: Everyone gets so hyped 'and that wouldn't be the case if Melee was in a stale place'

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William "Leffen" Hjelte is no stranger to Canadian tournaments. Part of his 2016 comeback to competitive Smash Bros. Melee after his visa issues included a successful trip to Get On My Level in Toronto.

theScore esports caught up with Leffen before his Top 8 matches in cold and snowy Montreal for the 15th annual LAN ETS, a convention which hosts many tournaments, including Melee. Adding another notch on his Canadian tournament belt, Leffen took out David "KirbyKaze" MacDonald in the Grand Finals.

I want to ask about Armada. He recently told viewers on his stream that one of his sub goals to move to the USA. Is this something you want to do?

I think Armada's sub goal is a little mislabeled. He's not really moving, he's just boot-camping in my opinion. He is going for three months. Usually what he and I do is we stay for a month or so. I definitely think it's a sound idea.

Just to stay out there and having to travel less and to have a base in the USA. Having less jetlag is good too, so it's a good idea. For me, moving permanently is not an option right now, but definitely staying there for more extended periods of time is a good thing.

The perceived staleness of the melee scene has drawn a lot of community criticism, to the point where even EVO has dropped the game from its Sunday spot. Is this something that concerns you as a player?

I don't really think that most people in the community actually think it's a problem. You know, most people actually do watch the smash events, they actually enjoy it, whether you have Mang0 vs. Armada; everyone gets so hyped up for Mang0 and Armada grand finals and that wouldn't be the case if Melee was in a stale place.

I don't know if EVO's decision has to do with that, i think it's also to do with maybe Nintendo giving them money for smash 4, and smash 4 having a really bad tournament last time so they want to make it up to them. I don't really think it's a problem honestly, I much prefer a game where you consistently place high if you're good, rather than it being coin-flippy.

Street fighter 5 has many issues where top players go out in early pools, and it just feels weird when the winners or top 8 is full of names you've never heard of. It's really hard to make a storyline or a narrative and honestly I would prefer just as a competitor, I like games where you consistently win if you're a better player. That way, so when the upsets do happen, that gets to mean so much more.

What do you think of Canada's smash scene and what can it do to improve?

I'm not really sure what they can do to improve. To improve on a national level usually comes down to the locals and constant practicing. The big tournaments are really good, and I'm hoping more American players come out to Canadian tournaments.

Keep hosting good tournaments, and for the people that really want to make it big right now, I think traveling to the US and maybe, you know, staying there for a week or traveling around and competing in a bunch of tournaments.

Smash Summit is coming up pretty soon. What talent do you hope to see voted into that tournament?

Ice is obviously number one, because I want to team with him, and I want to win teams with him. I did well with Mafia last year, but I like teaming with Ice the most. I feel like we were one of the absolute best teams, and we were really close to winning doubles a couple of times, so I really want to be champions at that event.

Secondly, I would probably like Android, just so I could beat Armada and Android [Laughs]. I just want teams to have a bigger spotlight this year. I also want the motivated people, and the good people, but i'm not fully sure who that is though.

This is a sentiment Armada shared with us before, that melee doubles is underrated.

Yeah, I agree with it as well, but I think it's getting up there. There's more and more viewers and there are consistent teams: Me and Ice, Armada and Android, PewFat, that all really helps establish a storyline. There's definitely a lot to be developed for sure.

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Ice, ChuDat complete Smash Summit Spring 2017 player list

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The voting period for Smash Summit 2017 has ended, with Mustafa "Ice" Akcakaya and Daniel "ChuDat" Rodriguez becoming the final players to be voted into the tournament.

This will be the second Smash Summit for Ice, who previously competed at Smash Summit 2 last April, where he ultimately placed 9th in singles.

For ChuDat, this will be his first Smash Summit event. DaJuan "Shroomed" McDaniel and David "KirbyKaze" MacDonald were the final two players eliminated in the last round of voting.

The full list of players competing at the tournament is as follows:

Armada Axe Hungrybox Leffen
PewPewU Plup Mango Mew2King
SFAT Westballz HugS Infinite Numbers
Lucky S2J Ice ChuDat

Smash Summit Spring 2017 will run March 2-5 in Los Angeles, California.

Preston Dozsa is a news editor for theScore esports whose journalism idol is Dino Ghiranze. You can follow him on Twitter.

Team RivaL signs Mr.E

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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player Eric "Mr.E" Weber has signed with Team RivaL, the organization announced Thursday.

Mr.E, a Marth main, notably defeated ZeRo at EVO 2016 to qualify for the Top 32 winners side, going on to place 13th at the event. Most recently, Mr.E placed 49th at GENESIS 4, 9th at 2GGC: Genesis Saga and 9th at The Big House 6. He is currently ranked 18th in the Panda Global SSB4 Rankings.

This is not the first Smash player that Team RivaL has signed to their roster, with Matthew "Xzax" Liberatore joining the team in November 2016.

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S2J, Lucky voted into Smash Summit Spring 2017

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Johnny "S2J" Kim and Joey "Lucky" Aldama are the latest two players to be voted into Smash Summit Spring 2017.

Lucky finished the fourth round of voting in first, with S2J close behind him. Lucky competed in the first Smash Summit, placing 7th in singles, while S2J returns to his fourth consecutive Summit, though he has yet to place higher than 9th in singles.

Daiki "Rudolph" Ideoka and Andreas "Android" Lindgren received the least amount of votes in this round and were subsequently eliminated from contention.

Only one round of voting remains, with Daniel "ChuDat" Rodriguez, David "KirbyKaze" MacDonald, Mustafa "Ice" Akcakaya and DaJuan "Shroomed" McDaniel still in the running for the final two spots at the event.

Smash Summit Spring 2017 will run March 2-5 in Los Angeles, California.

Preston Dozsa is a news editor for theScore esports whose journalism idol is Dino Ghiranze. You can follow him on Twitter.

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