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Arena moving to standard, card appearance rates changed
The Year of the Mammoth isn't just bringing changes to Hearthstone's Constructed play format, Blizzard is also bringing significant changes to the Arena as well. As of the next...
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Orange, RDU, Powder, Cydonia on the Year of the Mammoth and which cards they'd like to see go extinct
Last week, Blizzard announced some of the biggest changes to Hearthstone yet. Not only are Spirit Claws and Small-Time Buccaneer getting nerfed, but for the first time ever, cards from...
CW to air 6-part H1Z1 tournament documentary featuring Echo Fox and Panda Global
The first official team-based King of the Kill tournament is happening this spring! Find yourself a spot on a team or form your own and get ready to fight. H1Z1: Fight for the Crown is...
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SK Telecom T1 to request video takedowns through Riot Games
SK Telecom T1 has confirmed that they will continue to issue DMCA takedown notices on League of Legends videos that "may cause serious brand or monetary loss to SKT and its players," but...
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Team Liquid announce tryouts for LCS team, cast doubt on Goldenglue's future on starting roster
Team Liquid has announced changes to their LCS team during the break created from IEM Katowice, including tryouts for the mid position, casting some doubt as to the future of their...