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IEM to hold IWC qualifiers for Oakland, Gyeonggi at Paris Games Week
Eight international wildcard teams will fight it out for four spots in two IEM events next season, IEM announced Friday. IEM will hold two IWC Challenger Qualifier tournaments at Paris...
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iddqd steps down from Fnatic, team to hold tryouts
André “iddqd” Dahlström has stepped down from Fnatic's Overwatch roster but will remain a part of the organization "until further notice." The...
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Duck and PewPewU voted into Smash Summit 3
James "Duck" Ma and Kevin "PewPewU" Toy are the second pair of players voted into Smash Summit 3. This will be PewPewU's third time attending a Smash Summit...
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Equinox joins Gale Force eSports, will play tank
Jon "Equinox" Peterson has joined Gale Force eSports, filling the vacancy left by Josh "bkid" Choi's departure to Team Naventic. GFE confirmed to theScore esports that the melee/flex...
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Nintendo possibly looking to delve deeper into esports with Switch
The first look at Nintendo's latest console, dubbed Nintendo Switch, showed more just than a hybrid home console and portable gaming device as the last minute of their announcement...