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Gate, Pirean, Inori, Slooshie, Mash part of Phoenix1 seven-man roster
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Moses on preparation for ELEAGUE's national TV broadcast: 'I don’t even know what to think of yet for Friday, it’s going to be crazy'
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Mr. R: 'The only character I can see [Sheik] being second to is Diddy'
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Know the Pros: Super Smash Bros. Melee ft. Westballz, Mew2King, MacD and more
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Breakout Potential: 5 LCS players to watch closely this summer
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Digital Chaos defeat compLexity 3-2, qualify for The Summit 5
Dota 2
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Hai on NACS: 'I'd personally like to see the other big organizations put their foot into NACS as well'
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How well do Smash Bros. duo PewPewU and SFAT know each other?
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Srey to play with Brain Power at second NA Summer Regional
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Wings Gaming qualify for The Summit 5
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gla1ve to stand in for Kjaerbye on Astralis at ESL One Cologne
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SPUNJ on bouncing back from losses, sweeping Team Liquid and setting the meta for Nuke
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PR Balrog: 'I don't need no championship, I don't need anything. As long as I know I'm really good'
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LG's coach zews on his team's ELEAGUE run: 'I believe we will be in the finals and we will win the finals'
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Shroomed says Melee is becoming a bit more like Marvel, 'Where it's just one touch and you're dead'
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ELEAGUE GM Christina Alejandre wants players to say, 'Holy s***, I made it to ELEAGUE'
Cropped the world championships CS:GO World Championships to be held October 12-16
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FaZe Clan leave WESA
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TeePee retires after being moved off Luminosity starting roster
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Big Greek Shoes: H2K take a chance on Freeze