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Norm Kelly on esports: 'It's a sport in my eyes. So I admire the guys that do it well, just as I admire guys that play football well or hockey'
Toronto city councillor Norm Kelly has built a sizeable Twitter following thanks to his love of hip-hop and pop culture, but the 75-year-old politician inadvertently dipped his toes into...
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This Week in Esports: Rekkles opens up, delays plague EPL and more Dota than you can handle
This Week in Esports is your definitive guide to the biggest stories and controversies behind the latest esport, gaming and pop culture headlines. This is everything you need to know...
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GCU's Locodoco: 'Honestly, I gave up my trash-talking ways, but [EUnited] gave me an open invitation to the party, and it’s not like I wasn’t going to go'
The 2017 NA CS Spring Split finals between EUnited and Gold Coin United was more known for the less-than-kind words between the two teams than the play itself. One of those involved in...
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Ocelote on G2's international struggles: 'It's really not the end of the world'
G2 Esports' League of Legends roster is on an unprecedented domestic win-streak, but team owner and CEO Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez says he's hoping the streak will end sooner rather than...
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Hiko no longer standing-in for OpTic Gaming
Spencer "Hiko" Martin's time as OpTic Gaming's stand-in has come to an end, the player announced Tuesday. Since leaving Team Liquid on Feb. 7, Hiko has acted as a stand-in for OpTic,...