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Alina Sotula


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The Polite Killer Who Became the Clutch King of Counter-Strike
Whenever anyone talks about great teams in esports, they usually just want to talk about the superstars. But as often as these gods might bask in the warmth of the spotlight, sometimes...
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The Major-Winning Matchfixer Who Dodged a Lifetime Ban
There comes a time in every player’s career when they have to put it all on the line for a chance to win big. A moment where they throw caution to the wind and simply hope for the best....
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A King Without A Crown: The Curse Of s1mple
s1mple is arguably the greatest CS:GO player ever. He's been ranked number one in the world, he's won premier tournaments, and now? He's even on the best team in the world. But s1mple is...
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The Best, Worst Player Ever: The Enigma of CS:GO’s Most Unpredictable AWPer
In Counter-Strike, players aren’t just trying to lift comically large cheques and trophies, they’re looking to write themselves into history.There are legends who will be remembered for...
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The Superstar Being Sabotaged By His Own Alter Ego
Even the greatest esports players have bad days at the office. But in League of Legends, there’s one superstar in particular who has become known for his consistent ability to reach the...
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The Incredible AWPer Cursed to Miss CS:GO’s Easiest Shots
Everyone misses their shots now and then.Even the sharpest of shooters occasionally throw away free kills because of momentary lapses in concentration. But what if these events weren't...
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This Gun is Breaking CS:GO and Pissing Everyone Off!
How often do you hear about a gun in Counter-Strike being OP or breaking the meta?The SG, or the Krieg as it used to be called, is incredibly powerful at both short and long-range. And...
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This Deaf Streamer is Shattering Stereotypes
What was the last time you were the first person to do something? For most people, pioneering anything is a pipe dream at best. Meet Ewok, the 14-year-old deaf female streamer, who joined...
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How Valve Nearly Destroyed One of Their Most Beloved Games
The Crate Depression, as it's known now, sent Team Fortress 2’s economy into a tailspin. And just like the market collapse of the 1930s, things were going slightly off the rails before...