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Is it Just Me, or Did Worlds Grand Finals Suck?
FunPlus Phoenix, who have the best, dumbest esports team name in recent history, are the reigning League of Legends World Champions. Last night, they curb stomped G2, and it made a lot of...
These Cheaters are Getting Sued
So there’s this company called MizuSoft. They sell a subscription service that costs $77 a month for users to essentially cheat in Rainbow Six: Siege. The company advertises a “near clean...
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The Top 10 One-in-a-Million Plays in Esports
Sometimes, esports isn’t JUST about skill, prowess or strategy. Some of our favourite plays of all time weren’t born solely out of someone outplaying, out thinking or outmaneuvering their...
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The Top 10 Players To Never Win The Big One
What do Peanut, JjoNak, and GuardiaN have in common? Well they're all in an elite group of players who despite their remarkable talent and many accomplishments, never managed to win the...
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The Top 10 Sneakiest Plays in Esports
When it comes to esports, everybody wants to be an action hero. Everybody wants to get that map-winning ace clutch, everyone wants to dive that tower and secure the kill for their team....
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The Top 10 Biggest STOMPS in Esports
Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? David vs goliath, Rocky against Apollo Creed, Captain America and Thanos.But the thing that makes underdogs wins so exciting of course is that...