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Cropped fallen ace
Highlight: FalleN pulls off an AWP ace against Na`Vi
The score was 15-5 in favor of Na`Vi in Game 3 of their best-of-three quarterfinal match against Luminosity Gaming. That is, until FalleN secured an ace to clutch the round for LG and...
Cropped 1v2 defuse
Highlight: GuardiaN scores a 1v2 clutch and defuse for Na`Vi
GuardiaN was forced to clutch what turned out to be a messy round for Na`Vi. In a 1v2 situation, GuardiaN was able to take out fnx and stick and defuse the bomb before fer was able to...
Cropped guardian ace
Highlight: GuardiaN stops LG's attempt to take his AWP post-plant
In an effort to save his AWP after the bomb was planted in Train's B-site, GuardiaN secured himself an ace against LG. Unable to defuse the bomb, he still lost the round which brought...
Cropped fasllen
Highlight: Fallen fends off Na'Vi to keep themselves in the game
In a close round with a force buy from Luminosity, Na`Vi whittled them down to just Fallen, who was left in a 1v2. But he was able to shut down Natus Vincere's retake of the Cobblestone...
Cropped hyperx
Highlight: Risky force-buy for Luminosity pays off
After losing a pistol round to Na`Vi, LG force-bought armor and upgraded pistols to try to take back the lead in the EEPL Group B decider match. Left in a 1v2 situation at the A-site,...
Cropped bombdef
Highlight: FugLy seconds away from clutching round for Team Liquid
In a very close round, only FugLy and flusha are left to decide who takes the point. FugLy is able to take out flusha, but without a kit there is no time to defuse the bomb.
Cropped nitro
Highlight: nitr0 shuts down Fnatic B-site push on Mirage with an AWP
In a crucial round with a double AWP setup, nitr0 is able to hold off the Fnatic push onto the B-site of Mirage. A risky buy that pays off, helping to further stabilize the CT economy,...
Cropped navi2
Highlight: Natus Vincere shuts down Question Mark's eco
Down six rounds, Seized and Flamie of Natus Vincere cleanly shut down Question Mark's eco push onto the B-site of Train. Na`Vi were facing down match point, but this kept them in game,...
Cropped navi vs question mark
Highlight: dupreeh scores three kills with Mag-7
An aggressive dupreeh pushes early in the round to secure himself three kills with the Mag-7 during a force buy. The rest of Question Mark goes on to win the round bringing the score to...