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Christian Pearson
Motion Graphics Designer


Animator and Illustrator.
Games: Overwatch
Twitter: @Chr_Pearson
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How 2018 changed esports: The year that made franchising dreams a reality
If 2017 was the year when the esports industry started to dream about how great franchising might be, 2018 was the year when that dream became a reality.And while it’s definitely too...
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What is GG? The Evolution of the Sportsmanship and the Salt
You see it after a game — often regardless of outcome.You see it during a game, when someone feeds. And sometimes you see it purely as a form of disrespect. GG stands for “good game” – an...
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What is RNG? Gamers' Love-Hate Relationship with Luck in Esports
We talk a lot about player skill in esports, and for good reason: most of your favourite games give stars plenty of opportunity to show their supremacy. But games usually also include a...
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What is Solo Queue? The rise of competitive online matchmaking
As many of us know, the path to the big money contracts, the bright lights of the stage and the bro hugs in endless confetti showers is paved by thousands of hours spent in front of a...
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Esports Animated: The Hilarious Adventures of Young NiKo, as Told by Janko "YNk" Paunović
Former CS:GO pro and analyst turned coach Janko "YNk" Paunović reminisces about the old Counter-Strike 1.6 days playing and partying with superstar FaZe Clan player NiKo, talks about why...
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What is Boosting? The Twisted Motivations Behind Cheating the Elo Ladder
There are a few types of people who play competitive games online. You’ve got your everyday, run-of-the-mill, law-abiding citizens. You’ve got your smurfs. And you’ve got the boosted...
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Esports Animated: The time n0thing pranked autimatic, put his finger in stunna's burger and more
Semi-retired superstar professional CS:GO player, streamer, analyst and caster Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert has been around the CS scene a long time.And after more than a decade at the top,...
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Deadpool vs The Super Smash Bros. Universe: Animated Clash of Characters
Deadpool — even movie Deadpool — is insanely powerful. With enhanced strength, the skills of an international mercenary and a healing factor that renders him nearly invincible, who could...
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Iron Man VS Samus: Animated Clash of Characters
Iron Man vs Samus — which power-suited hero reigns supreme? We decided to find out by pitting Marvel Comics' own billionaire genius superhero against the intergalactic bounty hunter and...
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Hanzo VS Ashe: Animated Clash of Characters
Hanzo vs. Ashe: the ultimate archer showdown. Our second episode of Animated Clash of Characters features two of esports' most recognizable characters.After duking it out last time to...
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Genji VS Yasuo: Animated Clash of Characters
Genji vs Yasuo. Ninja vs Samurai. Cyborg vs Wind Warrior. Two esports champions battle to death in the inaugural episode of Animated Clash of Characters.With Yasuo getting his fair share...
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What is Smurfing? The Weird Story Behind Online Gaming's Secret Accounts
If you've ever played a competitive game online, you've probably encountered someone in match-making who is a little too good to be playing within your rank. Well, chances are high that...
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What is Kappa? The Story Behind Twitch's Undisputed King of Sarcasm
The world of memes is a complex and oftentimes bewildering landscape to navigate. To the outsider, it’s an ever-expanding language of seemingly nonsensical words and images. But to the...
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The Story of Stewie2k: From pug-star to superstar
Jake "Stewie2K" Yip didn't have an easy road to superstardom. Playing CS:GO hurt his grades and his relationship with his family, but he kept going.He kept playing CS:GO because he knew...
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The streaming dream and the struggle for stardom
Today, there’s an elite group of streamers who generate hundreds of thousands in annual income and have become new-age celebrities, with the world as their stage.And they don’t even need...
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How Riot's Juggernaut Patch Turned Worlds 2015 Upside Down
Sometimes Riot makes mistakes.There are dozens of times Riot has broken League of Legends by accidentally creating something hilariously busted and unfair for weeks until they patch it...
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87-0: NiP's untouchable CS:GO map streak
When they hear the name NiP, CS:GO fans probably think about the eternally underachieving Swedish team. But once upon a time, NiP were the best CS:GO team in the world. Once upon a time,...