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I like sunsets, long walks on the beach and learning how to do a fucking infinite.
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The Witchwood card tracker
The Witchwood will be Hearthstone's first Year of the Raven expansion, and is set to introduce new keywords, deck-building challenges and another single-player challenge mode.
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The Fighting Game God Cursed to Suck Until September
Some of esports’ most legendary and adored players have earned almost mythical titles. And in most cases, these monikers are worn like badges of honor, commemorating the unparalleled...
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A King Without A Crown: The Curse Of s1mple
s1mple is arguably the greatest CS:GO player ever. He's been ranked number one in the world, he's won premier tournaments, and now? He's even on the best team in the world. But s1mple is...
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The Demonic Invader Who Broke Tekken
Akuma might be in Tekken, but he's not from Tekken, and that means he breaks all the rules. From the moment Akuma was put in Tekken 7, he began to change it, warping the game around him...
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Why a Misfit Millionaire Sacrificed His Ferrari to Esports' First God
These days, esports’ biggest players are basically nerdy rockstars. They’re wearing thousand dollar shoes, driving flashy sports cars and even starring in overly obnoxious Doritos...
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theScore esports Awards 2019
Welcome to the theScore esports Awards 2019. Now, this isn’t your mom and dad’s black tie award show. This shit’s going to be different. Let’s be frank, the best part about award shows is...
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The Tekken Hero Putting America on His Back
Anakin has been around forever. He’s played in dozens of tournaments, repping Jack and America in even the hardest times. He’s a fan favourite, but right now? He’s North America’s...
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Is Streaming the Future of Smash?
For years, there’s only been one way to make a living playing Smash Bros. the tournament grind. It was exhausting. The prize pools were garbage. And there were a dozen other players...
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What is a Skin? The Incredible Impact of Gaming's Strange and Addictive Cosmetics
You might not realize it, but skins are secretly one of the most important, complicated things in gaming right now. They’re the lifeblood that’s pumping through your favorite titles,...
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What is Power Creep? How an Unstoppable Disease Might Be Infecting Your Game
It’s already infected your favourite game, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s something that you’ll see people constantly complaining about online, but many don’t know what it...
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Is it Just Me, or Did Worlds Grand Finals Suck?
FunPlus Phoenix, who have the best, dumbest esports team name in recent history, are the reigning League of Legends World Champions. Last night, they curb stomped G2, and it made a lot of...
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How Do You Fix the Dumpster Fire that is NA League of Legends?
This past weekend, North America kind of screwed up. You know what’s funny about that? We could be talking about almost any esport and we'd be right. But there is a difference this time....
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Rick Fox Says Drugs Ruined Echo Fox
Alright folks, we’ve got some insane new developments in the Rick Fox and Echo Fox saga.Rick Fox, one of the founders of Echo Fox, is suing his former business partners, alleging they...
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Why Twitch Bans are Kind of a Joke
If there's one thing that's worse than Twitch's chat, it has to be Twitch's bans. And every week there seems to be a new one to talk about. But why do people care so much about them?For...
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The Man Who Conquered His Demons and Became the God of Dota
For a long time, people thought that Anathan “ana” Pham was one of the most overrated players in Dota. A self-conscious sixteen-year-old who just didn’t have the mental fortitude to cut...
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This Banned Streamer is Suing Twitch
Do any of you remember PhantomL0rd? Well, way back in the day, PhantomL0rd, or James Varga, was a relatively popular CS:GO streamer. And then, he got banned. Allegedly because he was...
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This Player Didn’t Get Paid
Okay, imagine you just won an esports tournament.You grinded for hours, worked your ass off and now you’re owed nearly $50,000. But instead you walk home with five hundred bucks and a...
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What is a Tier List? Gaming's Gospel Word or Bullshit Opinions?
Since the beginning of competitive gaming, there have been tier lists. They weren’t as formal as they are now, but they did exist. Think back to playing games with your friends when you...
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The Rise and Shocking Fall of a CS:GO Dynasty
Once, Luminosity and eventually SK Gaming, were on top of the world. With back-to-back Major championships and an era to call their own, Brazil had become a Counter-Strike powerhouse. And...