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Kelsey Moser


Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for theScore esports. She's best known for her coverage of Chinese League of Legends events and writing on the subject. She's previously worked for GosuGamers, onGamers, lolesports, and Paravine.
Games: LoL Top News
Twitter: @karonmoser
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Kelsey Moser on the excuses we make: Esports doesn't have to change for women to succeed
The BBC published yet another mainstream esports article criticizing the industry this week, this time focusing on the charged topic of women’s participation. This topic has been...
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DanDy leaves Vici Gaming
Choi "DanDy" Inkyu, jungler for Vici Gaming and ex-Samsung White World Champion, has decided to leave Vici Gaming, according to their Weibo. In the announcement, Vici said they are...
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Ex-LGD, QG and Hyper Youth Gaming top laner SS17God retires
Having qualified for the LPL for a second time on QG Reapers (formerly Newbee Young) in LSPL's 2016 Summer Playoffs, top laner Xu "SS17God" Zhao has decided to retire, according to his...
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Team Solo-deny blue buff: A look at TSM's failings at Worlds and IEM Oakland
"[In Season 2], TSM was running, like pick whatever champions, these 12-15 champions, we’re going to invade blue buff at seven minutes. Let’s go team… That would be their strategy. They...
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Dade's contract with Newbee expires, says he has yet to decide on next step
Bae "Dade" Eojin's contract has expired with LPL team Newbee, according to his announcement on Facebook, but he has not yet decided what he will do next. Though Dade was enthusiastic to...
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Watch and Ggoong's LSPL Team ZTR Esports seeking new investors
ZTR Esports Club, formerly known as King Esports Club, have lost their original investors, according to a post on their Weibo. The LSPL roster headlined by ex-NaJin players Cho "watch"...
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Kelsey Moser on the viability of an all-Chinese LPL roster in 2017
Though Chinese offseason doesn’t officially begin until Nov. 22, familiar trends have already started to emerge. Yu "Cool" Jiajun threatened to leave Oh My God (though it seems he...
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pawN tells fan group he is in talks with Korean teams
Members of Heo "pawN" Wonseok's QQ fan group have posted screenshots of messages from him that heavily imply he is looking to join a strong Korean team for the 2017 season. He confirmed...
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Reprisal: The Unicorns of Love's shot at making the final of IEM Oakland
By fluke or fan vote, Intel Extreme Masters Oakland is the Unicorns of Love’s third consecutive annual appearance at a California IEM event. Their first, the memorable debut of the...
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Mata announces departure from Royal Never Give Up
Cho "Mata" Se-hyeong, legendary South Korean support for Royal Never Give Up, has announced on Facebook that he has left the team. In the post, Mata said he wanted to return to South...
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Chinese LPL and LSPL transfer window announced; foreign players must now have visas
The League of Legends Association of Chinese Esports (L.ACE) has announced the official offseason transfer window for the LPL and LSPL will take place from Nov. 22 to Dec. 18. The...
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Deft's final "EDward Gaming Cup"
The first ever Demacia Cup took place as the 2013 season came to a close. It was the last Grand Final between long time rivals and international heavyweights Invictus Gaming and Team WE...
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Phoenix1 to play showmatch against Invictus Gaming in Shanghai
North American LCS team Phoenix1 will play a showmatch against League of Legends Pro League team Invictus Gaming on Nov. 15, according to a promotional announcement on the Sina gaming...
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Moser: The LPL is no longer second-best
Delving into the reasons behind the lukewarm results Chinese LoL teams have had at international events this year, Kelsey Moser covers the impact that growth in commercial esports has...
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Flash Wolves announce new top laner, AD carry for IEM Oakland
Taiwanese League of Legends team Flash Wolves will be adding a new AD carry and top laner to their team on a trial basis for IEM Oakland, the team announced via Facebook Monday. For the...
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Kelsey Moser's LPL 2016 Player Awards and All-Stars Votes
Except for All-Stars, the 2016 League of Legends season has ended. Teams have withdrawn from Intel Extreme Masters en-masse because forward-thinking organizations are already considering...
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Kelsey Moser's EU LCS 2016 Player Awards and All-Stars Votes
Except for All-Stars, the 2016 League of Legends season has ended. Teams have withdrawn from Intel Extreme Masters en-masse because forward-thinking organizations are already considering...
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Moser: We're lucky to have SK Telecom T1
theScore esports' Kelsey Moser discusses the failings of the SK Telecom T1 narrative in the west that has prompted the response "SK Telecom T1 winning everything is boring." These points...
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League of Legends' official weibo responds to allegations of All-Star vote manipulation in China
Third parties have been looking to sell their 2016 League of Legends All-Star votes at a price using QQ, a Tencent Media ID and login service needed to sign in to both play League of...