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Matt Massey
Jr. Content Creator


Yorkshire lad and esports legend.
Games: Battle Royale
Twitter: @mattjmassey
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The Story of Sodapoppin
Meet Sodapoppin. The only guy on Twitch who gets to stream whatever he wants and tens of thousands of people will show up to watch. He’s everything and nothing you’d expect. Skinny and...
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What is Power Creep? How an Unstoppable Disease Might Be Infecting Your Game
It’s already infected your favourite game, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s something that you’ll see people constantly complaining about online, but many don’t know what it...
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What is Observing? The Unsung Heroes of Esports Broadcasting
To your average outsider, esports can be intimidating to watch. But even if you can wrap your head around the onscreen nonsense, none of that matters if you’re not given a chance to...
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What is a Hitbox? A Look at Gaming's Infamous, Invisible Scapegoats
Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t have gotten hit? Do you ever think, “no, I definitely hit him.” Do you ever unload an entire magazine on a prone character and somehow miss every shot?...
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The Story Of Tfue
Fortnite, is a game changer. It’s theatre, it’s art, it’s competition, it’s celebrity and it’s showing us all what limitless can mean. It has the ability to elevate its heroes to levels...
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What is Jigglypuff? And Is She Really Killing Melee?
When you first boot-up a new Smash Game, there are probably a few characters you’re drawn to immediately.There’s Mario, you know him. Maybe you pick Link, he’s always there. But there’s...
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The Story of DrDisRespect: The Face of Twitch
Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm wasn’t always the two-time champ, the face of Twitch, and a man with self-proclaimed venomous gaming athleticism who kinda resembles an 80s style action star....
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The Story of Apex Legends
For decades, the process of releasing triple A video games has followed a predictable path, but what if there was a developer confident enough to buck that trend. No media previews. No...
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What is Cosplay? A Tale of Passionate Fans, Peanut Butter and...Sewage?!
For as long as fandom has existed, people have found creative ways to celebrate whatever it is they’re passionate about – whether it’s through off-the-wall fan-fiction, incredible fan...
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What is Tilt? The Gentle Art of Not Losing Your Sh*t in Esports
Tilt is the scourge of competitors everywhere and it affects everyone. From the hopeless bottom-dwellers of bronze-tier, all the way up to the apex predators of the esports world: no one...
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The Story of MonteCristo and Doa
Every competition has a sound. A cadence and timbre that reaches down to the screen and brings it to life before your eyes. The enchanting tones of the characters, the familiar clash of...
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The Story of TSM vs. Cloud9
Some rivalries go down in history and define the games they take place in.TSM and C9 have clashed over and over again in League of Legends. Their rivalry is at the core of the NA LCS, and...
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The Story of Tyler1
Whether you love him or hate him, Tyler1 is a defining figure in the League of Legends community.He’s been harangued for his toxic and aggressive behavior on stream but he’s also one of...
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The Top 10 Misplays in Dota 2
Dota 2 is a game of complex decisions, thanks to the countless interactions between hero abilities and items. One ability can be the difference between winning and losing a team fight....
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The Story of Rick Fox
In more ways than one, across two careers, Rick Fox has always been a defender.As an NBA player, he became known for his unrelenting physicality and sound defensive play. With the Lakers,...
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The Story of Rainbow Six Siege
Every game wants to be the next big thing. Worse, they want it to be the next big thing right from launch.But unlike the massive successes and instant flops of recent years, an unlikely...
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The Story of Impact
Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong is one of League of Legends’ most accomplished top laners. He’s played with one of Korea’s most storied franchises, moved across the world, learned to become a...
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The Best of insane low health League of Legends plays
In League of Legends, when your backs against the wall, and you’re left with an imperceptible sliver of health, amazing things can happen.Whether it’s an outplay that becomes a near death...
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The Best of Team Liquid's 2018 NA LCS Spring Split
Imagine going from back-to-back relegation tournaments, fighting desperately for survival in your own league, to winning the whole thing—for the first time ever.Well you don’t have to...