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Miles Hackett
Content Creator


Producer, editor and co-host of 'What Is'. Siege, Overwatch and Rocket League are totally my bag. Combat sports, soccer and TV/movie junkie.
Games: Overwatch
Twitter: @miles_hackett
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Why Twitch Bans are Kind of a Joke
If there's one thing that's worse than Twitch's chat, it has to be Twitch's bans. And every week there seems to be a new one to talk about. But why do people care so much about them?For...
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No-Scopes: The Evolution of Gaming's Sexiest Play
If you want to win championships in esports, then keeping it simple in crucial situations is your likeliest path to success. But sometimes you just want something a little sexier... And...
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Gaming Houses: The Esports Dream or Nightmare?
While drawing comparisons between traditional sports and competitive gaming is pretty common, there might be nothing more uniquely esports than the gaming house.For more great videos, be...
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How a Controversial Gunsight is Redefining Rainbow Six Siege
Over the years, customizable weaponry has become increasingly common in video games. From barrels and sights to flashy skins or decorative charms, gun load-outs have become a...
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What is Camping? The Cowardly Act Tormenting Gamers for Decades
Camping – you either love it, or you hate it. In real life, it’s the act of hunkering down with a tent in a quiet, secluded area to marvel at nature’s glory. But in gaming the act is...
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What is a Tier List? Gaming's Gospel Word or Bullshit Opinions?
Since the beginning of competitive gaming, there have been tier lists. They weren’t as formal as they are now, but they did exist. Think back to playing games with your friends when you...
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What is Hacking? How Harmless Pranksters Became Gaming's Gutless Cheaters
In a world where the most popular video games are online, there exists a better class of criminal. Rogues who refuse to play by the digitally-coded rules. Villains who can be as absurd as...
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What is Lakad Matatag? The Filipino Meme that Helped OG Win The International
There are certain caster calls in esports that have passed into legend. And while all of them might be hype as hell and inseparably tied to the events they described, there is only one...
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What is Techies? How EG Weaponized Dota's Greatest Meme Hero at TI
Techies. The name alone evokes a certain kind of reaction. On-top of being the most rage-inspiring character in Dota, Techies is the troll pick that all others wish they could be. So what...
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What is the FGC? How Hype, Sweat and Tears Saved Gaming’s Oldest Scene
The FGC might be the most incredible institution in competitive gaming and over the years, it’s given esports’ some of its most memorable moments. But where did this scene with such a...
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What is BM? The Salty Story of Disrespect in Esports
From the moment we enter the world, we’re taught to treat others as we'd like to be treated. But the truth is, always playing nice can get boring, and occasionally a dash of disrespect...
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Team Killing: Learning to Live with Betrayal in Gaming and Esports
Team killing can be found in everything. From first person shooters, to real-time strategy games, to Battle Royales, to even MOBAs like League of Legends. But where did this taboo...
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How F@#!ed Up Glitches Changed Gaming Forever
Glitches are one of the most annoying things that can happen to you in a video game. And nothing is more frustrating than having your experience ruined by someone who has figured out how...
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What is Cyka Blyat? How a Russian Expletive Became CS:GO's Preeminent Meme
Let’s be honest. When things are going badly in game, we all express our frustrations differently. But rage isn’t something bound by borders and languages, and if you’ve ever shared a...
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What is a Skin? The Incredible Impact of Gaming's Strange and Addictive Cosmetics
You might not realize it, but skins are secretly one of the most important, complicated things in gaming right now. They’re the lifeblood that’s pumping through your favorite titles,...
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What is an Easter Egg? The Endless Hunt for Gaming's Secret, Hidden Treasures
How many games have you beaten? No, I mean, really beaten. I’m talking about ones that you’ve invested countless hours in, turning over every stone, poring over every pixel, looking for...
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What is Inting? The Blurry Line Between Trolling and Being Trash
If you want to get better at League of Legends, you’ll need a few qualities. You'll have to be dedicated, patient, and driven by an insatiable hunger to learn and improve. But not...
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What is Leeroy Jenkins? How a Joke Among Friends Birthed an Internet Legend
Imagine it’s 2005 and you’re sitting in your college dorm room after a night of drinking 40s, about to login into World of Warcraft. Your exams are done and now it’s time to fuck up some...
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What is Power Creep? How an Unstoppable Disease Might Be Infecting Your Game
It’s already infected your favourite game, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s something that you’ll see people constantly complaining about online, but many don’t know what it...