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Miles Hackett
Video Editor


Twitter: @miles_hackett
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The Story of kennyS
Kenny "kennyS" Schrub didn’t have your average ascent to greatness. But the French prodigy, who grew up in the world of Counter-Strike, has become synonymous with the game’s tradition of...
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The Story Of ZeRo: The king of Smash 4
Esports has plenty of prodigies. Heroes who have triumphed thanks to their undying love of the game, and players that proved their doubters wrong through hard work and skill alone. While...
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What is Paid by Steve? [A Trip Down Meme-ory Lane]
The interaction between esports and memes is always fascinating. Often, we see the esports community repurpose popular memes for their own use. But every now and then, esports fans bring...
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The Most Iconic Scandals, Bugs and Broken Updates in Dota 2 History
Dota 2's history is one of greatness, but it’s also one that’s not exempt from the absurd, the embarrassing and the controversial.From game-ruining bugs to the biggest of professional...
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What is LUL? [A Trip Down Meme-ory Lane]
Since its inception, Twitch has been responsible for creating moments that we’ll remember forever.Drama, sadness and hype all abound in the broadcasted lives of esports pros, streamers...
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Iconic Esports Moments: SKT and the Dawn of Korean Dominance
SK Telecom T1 are perennial favorites at Worlds and each year they qualify, if they aren’t the front-runners to lift the Summoner’s Cup, they’re always in the mix.But at Worlds 2013, that...
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Iconic Esports Moments: The Legacy of Season 1 Worlds — FNC vs. aAa
From the beginning of Season 1 Worlds, Fnatic and against All authority seemed fated to make history together, meeting first in the group stage and then again in both the upper bracket...
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Iconic Esports Moments: Dade 'The General' surrenders his jacket
Bae “Dade” Eo-jin is perhaps one of the greatest mid laners in League of Legends history, and during the course of his impressive career, he earned the nickname “The General” for his...
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Why is it called a Nerf? [A Trip Down Meme-ory Lane]
Balance in video games is always a contentious issue, and players are quick to voice their opinions on any changes developers make—especially when it affects them personally.When...
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The Most Iconic Esports Moments: When Assassins Ruled the World — TPA at Worlds 2012
Of all the iconic stories to emerge from the League of Legends World Championships, few are as memorable as the Taipei Assassins’ run in 2012. The Taiwanese outfit became overnight...
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What is TriHard? [A Trip Down Meme-ory Lane]
Twitch chat is an important part of the experience for many esports fans. For years, Kappa has been one of Twitch’s most popular emotes. But it has recently been challenged by an unlikely...
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What is Sadplane? [A Trip Down Meme-ory Lane]
Since nearly the beginning of Jin Air Green Wings League of Legends presence, a symbol of its anguished fans has lifted-off and soared above all others: the Sadplane.For more videos like...
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The Most Iconic Evo Moments
Evolution is the most important event in fighting games. For 15 years, winning Evo has stood as the pinnacle of all fighting game achievements. It doesn’t really matter that these days,...
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The Most Iconic Esports Moments: Happy's Deagle Ace
Happy’s Deagle Ace is one of the most iconic plays in Counter-Strike history.To many, it was an against-the-odds play defined by the calls and candor of Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat. But...
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What is PogChamp? The story behind Twitch chat's fifth most popular emote
PogChamp. You know his face, but you probably don't know the story behind it. Fortunately for you, Josh Bury — theScore esports' resident meme expert — is here to break down the...