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Miles Hackett
Content Creator


Producer, editor and co-host of 'What Is'. Siege, Overwatch and Rocket League are totally my bag. Combat sports, soccer and TV/movie junkie.
Games: Overwatch
Twitter: @miles_hackett
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Why a Misfit Millionaire Sacrificed His Ferrari to Esports' First God
These days, esports’ biggest players are basically nerdy rockstars. They’re wearing thousand dollar shoes, driving flashy sports cars and even starring in overly obnoxious Doritos...
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How an Out of Control Genius Hijacked Esports' Biggest Tournament
The International is the crown jewel of Valve’s esports empire. And every year, millions of people tune in to watch the best Dota 2 teams in the world fight over Gaben’s pocket change....
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How CS:GO's Most Hated Prodigy Became The Smoke Criminal
When you look at Stewie2K’s legendary B-hold, you probably see a feisty little freedom fighter. A scrappy up-and-comer who, against every odd, became one of five misfits to cement...
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The Rise and Fall of CS:GO's Most One-Dimensional Superstar
For the vast majority of Counter-Strike players, one-taps are nothing more than a flashy way of asserting mechanical dominance on the server. But for Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, they're not...
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How One Streamer’s Ridiculous Crusade Made Siege’s Ultimate Meme a Reality
Everybody wishes that they were in charge of balancing their favourite game. Everyone wishes that they could complain to their heart’s content, and have a developer at their beck and...
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What is a Skin? The Incredible Impact of Gaming's Strange and Addictive Cosmetics
You might not realize it, but skins are secretly one of the most important, complicated things in gaming right now. They’re the lifeblood that’s pumping through your favorite titles,...
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What is Power Creep? How an Unstoppable Disease Might Be Infecting Your Game
It’s already infected your favourite game, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s something that you’ll see people constantly complaining about online, but many don’t know what it...
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What is Observing? The Unsung Heroes of Esports Broadcasting
To your average outsider, esports can be intimidating to watch. But even if you can wrap your head around the onscreen nonsense, none of that matters if you’re not given a chance to...
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Why is Esports Lore So F@#!ing Bad? | OverExplained
The relationship between esports titles and their in-game stories, or lore, is pretty weird. Some games have almost none. Others had to build a story to justify why the game exists at...
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“Washed-Up”: Why Your Favorite Esports Player Should Probably Retire
We’ve all said it or seen it online – a pro player being labeled “washed-up. It’s an expression that goes back to the 1920s, used to describe an individual who literally washed their...
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Counter-Strike’s Civil War: Was Source Really THAT Bad?
What if Valve threw a party, and nobody came? What if they made a new game, hyped it up, and a lot of people decided that it sucked? And what if it became a dark stain on the company’s...
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How Valve Nearly Destroyed One of Their Most Beloved Games
The Crate Depression, as it's known now, sent Team Fortress 2’s economy into a tailspin. And just like the market collapse of the 1930s, things were going slightly off the rails before...
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Esports' Greatest Failure: How FaZe's Superteam Sh*t the Bed
Super teams are an exciting prospect on paper. We expect them to be successful, but the potential for how they win is really what gets us going. Sometimes though, what we get doesn't live...
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No-Scopes: The Evolution of Gaming's Sexiest Play
If you want to win championships in esports, then keeping it simple in crucial situations is your likeliest path to success. But sometimes you just want something a little sexier... And...
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Why Twitch Bans are Kind of a Joke
If there's one thing that's worse than Twitch's chat, it has to be Twitch's bans. And every week there seems to be a new one to talk about. But why do people care so much about them?For...
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Gaming Houses: The Esports Dream or Nightmare?
While drawing comparisons between traditional sports and competitive gaming is pretty common, there might be nothing more uniquely esports than the gaming house.For more great videos, be...
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How a Controversial Gunsight is Redefining Rainbow Six Siege
Over the years, customizable weaponry has become increasingly common in video games. From barrels and sights to flashy skins or decorative charms, gun load-outs have become a...
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What is Camping? The Cowardly Act Tormenting Gamers for Decades
Camping – you either love it, or you hate it. In real life, it’s the act of hunkering down with a tent in a quiet, secluded area to marvel at nature’s glory. But in gaming the act is...
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What is a Tier List? Gaming's Gospel Word or Bullshit Opinions?
Since the beginning of competitive gaming, there have been tier lists. They weren’t as formal as they are now, but they did exist. Think back to playing games with your friends when you...