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Miles Hackett
Content Creator


Producer, editor and co-host of 'What Is'. Siege, Overwatch and Rocket League are totally my bag. Combat sports, soccer and TV/movie junkie.
Games: Overwatch
Twitter: @miles_hackett
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Team Killing: Learning to Live with Betrayal in Gaming and Esports
Team killing can be found in everything. From first person shooters, to real-time strategy games, to Battle Royales, to even MOBAs like League of Legends. But where did this taboo...
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How F@#!ed Up Glitches Changed Gaming Forever
Glitches are one of the most annoying things that can happen to you in a video game. And nothing is more frustrating than having your experience ruined by someone who has figured out how...
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What is Cyka Blyat? How a Russian Expletive Became CS:GO's Preeminent Meme
Let’s be honest. When things are going badly in game, we all express our frustrations differently. But rage isn’t something bound by borders and languages, and if you’ve ever shared a...
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What is an Easter Egg? The Endless Hunt for Gaming's Secret, Hidden Treasures
How many games have you beaten? No, I mean, really beaten. I’m talking about ones that you’ve invested countless hours in, turning over every stone, poring over every pixel, looking for...
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What is Inting? The Blurry Line Between Trolling and Being Trash
If you want to get better at League of Legends, you’ll need a few qualities. You'll have to be dedicated, patient, and driven by an insatiable hunger to learn and improve. But not...
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What is Leeroy Jenkins? How a Joke Among Friends Birthed an Internet Legend
Imagine it’s 2005 and you’re sitting in your college dorm room after a night of drinking 40s, about to login into World of Warcraft. Your exams are done and now it’s time to fuck up some...
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What is a Hitbox? A Look at Gaming's Infamous, Invisible Scapegoats
Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t have gotten hit? Do you ever think, “no, I definitely hit him.” Do you ever unload an entire magazine on a prone character and somehow miss every shot?...
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What is Jigglypuff? And Is She Really Killing Melee?
When you first boot-up a new Smash Game, there are probably a few characters you’re drawn to immediately.There’s Mario, you know him. Maybe you pick Link, he’s always there. But there’s...
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What is Chicken? The Story Behind Counter-Strike's Absurd, Unofficial Mascot
Every game needs a mascot. League of Legends has Teemo, Rainbow Six has Tachanka, and Dota 2 has GabeN. Sure, those aren’t the mascots chosen by the publishers themselves, but fans will...
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What is Cosplay? A Tale of Passionate Fans, Peanut Butter and...Sewage?!
For as long as fandom has existed, people have found creative ways to celebrate whatever it is they’re passionate about – whether it’s through off-the-wall fan-fiction, incredible fan...
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What is The Economy? And Why is Valve Paying You to Lose?
When you play CS:GO, there’s a lot to pay attention to. Things like sound cues, team comms, utility usage. What strats are your opponents running? Who’s going to what bombsite? Did anyone...
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What is a Lootbox? The Story Behind Gaming's Most Dangerous and Delightful Addiction
Whether you like it or not – when you buy a loot box, you’re gambling. Sure, it seems like you’re just harmlessly spending a few bucks on random skins. But what you’re actually doing is...
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What is Tilt? The Gentle Art of Not Losing Your Sh*t in Esports
Tilt is the scourge of competitors everywhere and it affects everyone. From the hopeless bottom-dwellers of bronze-tier, all the way up to the apex predators of the esports world: no one...
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What is a Gank? The History of Online Gaming's Most Brutal Ambushes
Ganking is the act of ruining someone’s day by grouping up with at least one other player to ambush and kill them. If you’ve watched or played any competitive MOBA in the last 10 years,...
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What is a Gamertag? The Strange Evolution of Gamers' Chosen Identities
In real life, you don’t get to choose your own name. Sure, once you’re an adult you can legally change it, but by then, you’ve already spent a large chunk of your existence already being...
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What is Teemo? The Bizarre Conception of League's Annoying Mascot
No matter what game you play, there’s something you hate playing against. Most of the time it’s something cheesy, or broken. But sometimes, you hate something not because it’s good, but...
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What is All Your Base? How One Bad Gaming Translation Spawned the Meme Generation
In today’s rapidly moving internet age, memes explode into existence and then die almost as quickly. However, there is a meme that emerged before platforms like Reddit, Imgur and Twitter...
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What is Pick-Ban? The Emergence of Tactical Warfare in Esports
Esports are a battle of wits. A grueling, mentally exhausting, emotionally taxing endeavor, where the difference between success and failure is often decided by your ability to outsmart...
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What is Waluigi? Why the Smash Community Embraced Nintendo's Most Hated Reject
Super Smash Bros. is probably the craziest gaming crossover in the world. It’s the only arena where Mario can fight Sonic, Cloud, Pikachu, Pac-Man and Mega Man at the same time. And with...