Denz parts ways with Mindfreak, joins former Orbit roster

by theScore Staff Dec 30 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of CWL/Lalo Torres

Australian player Denholm "Denz" Taylor parted ways with Mindfreak on Thursday before being announced as the new member of a roster featuring Team Orbit's former ANZ players.

Denz gave a statement on the situation to Dexerto, explaining that he chose to leave Mindfreak after coach Albert "Naked" Nassif refused to drop Mitchell "BuZZo" Mader from the team.

"So we talked about this roster change and we were all agreed with making it (which was seen as upgrading our roster for international competition, winning first priority)," Denz explained to Dexerto's Mike Kent. "The changing of organisations was a much more difficult choice, so out of respect we let Albert know what was going on to see if he could counter-offer. This eventuated into Albert being able to reach a similar level of monetary funds (which was big as we haven’t been salaried before), however was non-negotiable on the roster change."

While with Mindfreak, Denz won the 2016 ANZ CWL Stage 2 Playoffs but the team only made it 17-24th at the 2016 Call of Duty World League Championship.

Denz's new roster is comprised of former Team Orbit players Giancarlo "Nimble" Vagnini and Rene "Zeuss" Corporal who left the team in September. The fourth and final member of the roster is Hayden "Damage" Handakas who previously played with Tainted Minds.

"I wouldn’t join a team I don’t think has the capabilities of taking out the title for the APAC region, and I believe we can do that," Denz said in his statement to Dexerto. "I wish all the best to the boys and their future endeavours, and hope this change has resulted in positive change for MF."

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