Around the Web: The International 2017 reactions, Jakiro's song of fire and no dice and a tale of two Skrapz

by Colin McNeil Aug 7 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Valve

We all do it — constantly refreshing our Twitter feeds, trying to keep up with the inner workings of the online world, scrolling for that hot take or that juicy trash talk. But let's be real: you don't have time to read everything. Don't worry, we've got your back. Every week we'll be breaking down what you missed on social media this week, from the pop-offs to the pop culture.

This week, esports was dominated by one thing and one thing only: The International. So, it was only natural we'd highlight some of our favorite TI7-related social posts here.

TI7 Group Stage reaction

With groups at TI7 done and dusted, the brackets are set and the Main Event’s opening matches are decided. With that, here are some of our favorite reactions, memes and observations heading into the Main Event.

Finally, my theory that Dota personalities all shop at the same discount menswear store has been confirmed:

Jakiro disrespect

The Trove Carafe for The International 2017 is officially out, and among the treasures that lie within is a new Immortal for Jakiro. The frost head sure looks cool, but Valve seem to have completely forgotten about the fire head. People on Twitter were pretty burned up about it.

Hopefully, if enough people tweet, it will light a fire under Valve to do the second head some justice.

Cooking up CoD beef

Switching gears just a little bit, I'd like to highlight this strange, public tiff between a UK grime rapper and a Call of Duty player. It seems Fnatic's Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall has raised the ire of a London rapper with the same moniker. Skrapz (the rapper) took issue with the CoD player biting his tag, and apparently sent him a Twitter DM threatening to "slap da shit" out of him.

The CoD pro, who according to Dextero did indeed lift his name straight from the rapper, responded with some bewilderment.

Personally, I think they should face-off in a freestyle battle while playing Call of Duty to determine who keeps the name.

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