Northern Arena admin clarifies HEN1 headphone issue

by theScore Staff Sep 6 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Northern Arena/Twitter

Lejuke, a Northern Arena admin, has released a video clarifying the tournament's response after Henrique "HEN1" Teles did not wear noise-cancelling headphones during the first three rounds of Map 3 in the Northern Arena Finals between Immortals and Cloud9.

Section 3.1.2 of the Northern Arena Rules & Regulations states that during matches, players must "Wear noise-cancelling headphones provided by Northern Arena." Due to HEN1 not wearing headphones for the first two rounds, the game was paused so admins could bring the issue to the tournament manager.

"Where it's not clean on this site, on the ruleset, is that it is not saying what the penalty of wearing it," Lejuke said.

"As an admin my first thought was to restart all the rounds, so to make it 0-0. It was not fair, it was not by the rules, so we restart everything.

In an interview with theScore esports, Immortals coach Rafael "zakk" Fernandes said that "there was no point to reset the game" due to HEN1 not understanding English.

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After confirming that HEN1 was not wearing his headphones during the first two rounds, the admins notified the tournament manager. The admins and tournament manager, along with the captains for both IMT and C9, Wilton "zews" Prado Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert respectively, met in the player's lounge to discuss what had happened.

"So what happened is that the tournament manager listened to zews' side and then listened to n0thing's side and then he just said that in fact, and this is almost the same word, is that 'It had no effect on the game whatsoever," Lejuke said. "Like I said, this isn't my thoughts, this is the tournament manager's thoughts where it did not affect something."

IMT would go on to defeat C9 16-11 to close out the series and win Northern Arena.

Towards the end of the video, Lejuke says that he is disappointed by what happened, but that he will try and make sure that this situation doesn't happen again.

"At the end of all this I am not fine with what happened, I am not OK with what happened because I thought the game should have be restarted," Lejuke said. "What can I do now? Just talk about it, make sure the rule set is going to be better next time, talk with the Northern Arena staff and make sure everything's going to be better next time."

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