TyLoo acquire one-year Schengen visa

by Dennis Gonzales Sep 26 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of SL i-League

TyLoo have acquired a one-year, multi-entry Schengen visa for their five players and their coach, according to a statement to theScore esports from the team's Editor & International Development Executive Chang "Marshall" Luo on Monday.

"TyLoo has been looking forward to participate in as many European or North American events as we can, but unfortunately the visa issue has always been a barrier for us," Marshall said in an email. "We have experienced that, because of lacking confidence for visa, organizer rescinded the spot from us, that is what we do not want to see anymore."

TyLoo have run into several visa issues throughout the year as they were forced to drop out of the SL i-League Invitational in Kiev, Ukraine. However, they were dealt a bigger blow when they could not attend Season 1 of ELEAGUE in Atlanta, which featured a $1.4 million prize pool and television exposure.

The Schengen Area notably includes Germany, Sweden, France and Poland, which have hosted several premier CS:GO tournaments in the past. TyLoo's Schengen visa would not have helped in their previous visa issues, as it does not include Ukraine or the United States, but it's a starting point for the rising Chinese squad.

"Applying for the US Visa is also on our timetable, the result will be revealed in next month," Marshall said. "If it goes well, we will be available for any US events in the next two years."

TyLoo first made waves back in April during DreamHack Masters Malmö as they eliminated Luminosity Gaming (now SK Gaming) close after their Major win at MLG Major Championship: Columbus. TyLoo shocked the world again as they defeated Natus Vincere during the group stage of SL i-League Season 2 and they were eventually eliminated by Astralis.

The team already plans to take advantage of their newly acquired visas by having a two-week long bootcamp at the Inferno Online gaming center, which is located in Stockholm, some time around Oct. 20. They are also planning to have three to four bootcamps in Europe or North America in the next year.

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