Audi calls Astralis partnership 'a pilot case'; will run through DreamHack Masters Las Vegas

by Daniel Rosen Jan 24 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Astralis / Audi

Astralis' recent partnership with Audi will not be a long-term sponsorship, at least not yet.

In a statement sent to theScore esports, Audi Denmark's marketing manager Christian Weiglin Thorn explained that the sponsorship is something of a test case for Audi, and that the organizations will partner for the ongoing ELEAGUE Major and DreamHack Masters Las Vegas in February.

"The agreement should be seen as a pilot case for Audi Denmark with respect to exploring the potential of eSports, but basically we see a good match between eSports and Audi's strong digital focus," Weiglin Thorn said.

"The timing is perfect, since Audi has just launched a new car model, Audi Q2, with the campaign #untaggable that addresses the younger audience. We see it as an exciting opportunity to represent a Danish team, currently ranked #1 in the world, and we see it also as a part of our local talent program to support the five Astralis team members."

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It is unclear if Audi will renew the sponsorship after the tournament, or if it is set to coincide and end with the #untaggable marketing campaign.

"eSports are an incredibly exciting and rapidly evolving industry, and with this agreement we have the opportunity to get in touch with a younger audience than our normal core."

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