nV's Happy on Ex6TenZ: 'I also was supposed to join forces with him'

by Dennis Gonzales Feb 13 2017
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Vincent "Happy" Cervoni Schopenhauer is the in-game leader and rifler for Team EnVyUs, as well as a staple in the French Counter-Strike scene. nV was unable to qualify for IEM Season XI Katowice, but the team have kicked off ESL Pro League Season 5 on a high note after they defeated French rivals G2 Esports 2-0 and split their series against FaZe Clan 1-1.

In the aftermath of the French shuffle in 2017, Happy spoke to theScore esports and gave a bit of context on the situation and moving forward with his mixed team.

First off, you haven’t really said much about the French roster shuffle. Last we spoke, this was a classified topic, but now that it’s out in the open, do you care to share your thoughts on the situation? Is this a case of history repeating?

That’s true, everyone went on TwitLonger about their time in EnVy and their future. I kept things to myself and I will probably for a little bit longer, if I ever bring this up again. Too much happened during the EnVy 2.0 team and I still am not comfortable talking about it today.

The only thing I can say is, yes, history has repeated itself with a different immediate outcome for me. Now there are three teams in the French scene, and I’m genuinely curious to see what happens six months from now or even a year. I’m already glad to be a part of it, considering how it all turned out.

LDLC captain Kevin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans Tweeted to Cédric "RpK" Guipouy when reports of the new nV roster surfaced. Is this something that you can speak about and provide context for?

I wish I could provide you with information, but out of respect for Ex6TenZ, I won’t. A lot of negotiations and talks happened during that period of time, with numerous players.

I also was supposed to join forces with him, but now all rosters are supposed to be locked. I just wished it went smoother than it did.

You’ve retained your role as captain, but does that also mean you’re still in-game leading? What’s the role setup for the rest of the team?

Yes, I will be the full time IGL and captain for this team.

As people may recognize we have a really mixed team, with up and coming and experienced players. One of the main goals is to make everyone progress into one direction and with only one goal. We are currently still trying to figure out game plan and roles, but we are in good spirits. It’s just too early to tell when we are going to achieve this goal.

A side goal, if you can call it that, is to make a team that will last and to change how the French scene works within itself. And maybe, with some luck, produce a more solid and healthy way to work with each others. It’s time to reshuffle the hand we have been dealt with.

You’ve already played a number of officials with this lineup, but unfortunately you guys did not qualify for IEM Katowice. What are your first impressions of the lineup? Where do you guys need to improve?

We sadly lost a tough game against heroic after a 15-10 lead in regulation and a 3-0 in overtime, they went on to beat G2 and qualify for IEM Katowice.

I think the players all saw how much potential we have in this line up, and that is important. After a day of practice we managed to finish 3-1 against FaZe and G2 again [in ESL Pro League].

We have so much to improve and I have so much to learn also. I can’t outline the details yet, but we are currently working on the basics, what used to make LDLC and EnVy great. It’s a Titan-esque task that requires day-to-day attention.

We know we have the skills to be great, we just need to come up with a good game plan.

The Active Duty map group has changed pretty significantly, swapping Dust II for Inferno. What are your thoughts on this?

I think the map is interesting, but what the hell happened to Banana? I already tried and worked many grenades on it, and it’s a bit of a pain. I know people never really understood how to deal with choke points, how to counter it, especially in the lower scene.

A view of Banana on the remake of Inferno

I already thought it was a mistake to remake that map, I felt it was the best map. It could be so tactical and it also allowed raw aim to express itself on certain timings. But so be it, I think the main concern to me is the fact that the sky box from Arch/CT spawn to Banana is blocked. They should open it again to allow more gameplay with the smokes, especially now that they buffed the T-side with 10 more seconds, and a more open world map.

I think the meta game will retain some aspects of the old one, but it will be a huge change, and teams that used to be really good on it might feel completely lost now. It really makes me wonder what they will do with Dust II, but all of these thoughts will be discussed more on my stream.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.

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