Alicus steps down as Misfits manager

by theScore Staff Feb 16 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Misfits

Misfits manager Ali "Alicus" Saba, Misfits' has resigned from the organization in order to take a rest and look for opportunities outside of esports, he announced in a Twitlonger post Thursday.

"This isn't the stage in my life where i want to settle down for a routine life just yet," he wrote. "I'm young, i want to live a little. Coming off the back of 7 years of full time work, i've earned my right to a vacation and a more relaxing work environment. So, when my work visa appointment at the German embassy got delayed; i took the opportunity to talk things through with [Misfits owner Ben Spoont], who was very understanding."

Alicus' tenure with the team extends back to its creation as Renegades: Banditos under the ownership of caster Christoper "MonteCristo" Mykles and Chris Badawi. Spoont acquired the team in June after MonteCristo and Badawi were banned from the LCS.

He says that helping the organization grow over the past several years was a difficult task and that he came to the decision to leave during while bootcamping in Korea.

"Our trip to Korea where i bootcamped with both the LoL and Overwatch team, was a mixed experience for me," he wrote. "On one hand, it reminded me of everything i enjoy about the industry, connecting even better with the players, et cetera. On the other hand, it also made me notice everything i've been missing in the world."

You can read Alicus' full statement here.

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