Ocelote on G2's French super team: 'Having Kenny playing together with shox? That's like having Messi playing with Ronaldo’

by Daniel Rosen Mar 21 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of SL i-League

G2 Esports are no stranger to making big CS:GO roster moves, but team owner and CEO Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez says that his newest team is a cut above what the organization has had before.

In February, the organization picked up three former Team EnVyUs members, including French CS:GO legend Kenny "KennyS" Schrub, and put them on a roster with Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro and Richard "shox" Papillon. Despite both KennyS and shox being titans of the game, the two had yet to play on the same team and Ocelote says that the idea was mostly the players. And when they presented him with a chance to make the team up happen, he couldn't say no.

"Putting this team together was a once in a lifetime opportunity," Ocelote told theScore esports. "Like, having Kenny playing together with shox? That's like having Messi playing with Ronaldo. That opportunity, I couldn't let it pass. I couldn't let it go. I had to make sure we seize upon that opportunity, no matter what."

Ocelote also mentioned that G2's investment in the current CS:GO roster is the single largest monetary investment the organization has ever made, and went as far as to say he believes it's the largest in CS:GO history. While he did not disclose specific numbers, Ocelote pointed out that G2's high-profile and high-cost CS:GO transactions with their 2015 Polish roster and the roster that was eventually sold to FaZe Clan also set high watermarks for future CS:GO contract buyouts and salaries.

"I think the current situation we are in is partly due to us, a little bit. When we put together the Kinguin team, essentially, not only the buyouts that we paid, but also the buyouts we got paid together with the salaries that we paid were simply above everyone else's,' he said. "That kind of started a trend, and right now with our CS:GO team, we did it again essentially. Right now our CS:GO team is the biggest investment the club has made up to this date, and I'd go and say that it's the biggest investment made in the history of CS:GO by a club as well.

Ocelote says the team recently had a boot camp in Berlin, where they were practicing macro play and team coordination. The goal is to develop slowly, he says, and become the team they want to be — the best team in the world.

"This is an investment, a bet, so to say, in the long run," Ocelote said. "We will likely have this team for many years to come. We don't want to just win one event and move on, this team will have unconditional support to become a legendary team in the future. I don't know if it's going to happen or not, but are going to do the work to make it happen."

Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.