How did this happen: The Rekt-9

by Daniel Rosen Apr 19 2017
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The Intratec TEC-9 was, for a time, one of the most popular illegal guns in the world. It was cheap and had a large magazine, but was comically inaccurate. It’s a modern day Tommy Gun, the very definition of spray-and-pray.

But in the world of CS:GO, the TEC-9 used to be a highly-accurate, high-powered, low-cost gun that could basically do any job you needed it to do this side of long-range sniping (and it could probably do that in a pinch).

Once upon a time, the TEC-9 was the most overpowered, stupidly broken gun in CS:GO. This is its story.

How it worked:

In a July 2014 update, Valve bumped up the TEC-9’s standing, crouching and moving accuracy. Before the buff, the TEC-9’s inaccuracy pretty much made it unusable , much like its real world counterpart. While the gun was cheap at $400, it had really, really bad recoil on top of never really being able to hit anything you needed it to.

Things changed pretty significantly after the buff. Valve stabilized the gun’s accuracy in basically every situation, which really served to highlight its greatness. The TEC-9 did enough damage to drop someone in four chest shots on an armored opponent, which was pretty easy to accomplish with its high rate of fire. It also got a one-shot headshot kill, even on an opponent wearing a helmet, meaning that with the improved accuracy, you could actually land consistent headshots.

Usually, high powered, accurate weapons are balanced with low rates of fire and low ammo counts, but since the TEC-9 was never meant to be a high-power, high-accuracy gun, it has both of those things in spades. Before a later nerf, the TEC-9 had 32 rounds per magazine with 120 rounds in reserve, which meant that you could spray down anyone a close to medium range and guarantee a kill for a nice $300 bonus in competitive.


An economically self-sustaining gun that is accurate, kills in a few shots and has a high rate of fire? Could this be the most game-breaking fun CS:GO has ever seen?

No, probably not (that honor still goes to the Revolvo), but the old TEC-9 is still crazy. It completely out-valued, out-damaged and out-gunned its CT-side counterpart, the FN Five-SeveN.

The TEC-9 was capable of sweet aerial headshots:

Clearing out a corridor:

Or just spraying and praying around a map and getting a 4k:

It may not have been a pocket AWP like the R8 was, but it basically fired AWP bullets.

What happened?

The TEC-9 stayed insanely accurate a few months, but Valve couldn’t ignore the fact that the gun was basically a must-buy gun for T-side players in every possible circumstance. In a March 2015 update, Valve increased the gun’s damage fall-off, making it all but useless at long and medium-long ranges. On top of that, they lowered the TEC-9’s magazine to 24 rounds per clip to discourage the wild spraying the gun had become known for.

The changes worked — for the most part. While the gun was still fairly accurate, the fact that you had to effectively be right up in someone’s face to secure a kill meant that players who still wanted its incredible rate-of-fire and stopping power had to risk close-range engagement, something that doesn’t usually work out terribly well for you in CS:GO.

Over time, the TEC-9’s accuracy has been dropped back down to reasonable levels, and these days, it’s mostly used for rush plays during eco rounds. But every time you buy one for an eco, make sure to say a little prayer to the old ones, the ancient gun known as the Rekt-9.

Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.