TyLoo's BnTeT on facing G2, FaZe and more at the Major qualifier and Cologne: 'They have so much experience, I will learn from all of them'

by Dennis Gonzales Jun 19 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of TyLoo, Valve

Hansel "BnTeT" Ferdinand is a rifler for TyLoo and the team's Indonesian import. His team has qualified for both ESL One Cologne 2017 and the offline qualifier for the Krakow Major, but he's currently in Australia with his old team Recca Esports for the ZEN League 2017 Finals.

Ahead of his matches, BnTeT answered a few questions from theScore esports and spoke about the team's communication and his expectations against some of the top teams in the world.

Let’s go back a bit and talk about your transition from Recca Esports to TyLoo. How did you first come in contact with TyLoo and what was your transition to their roster like?

First contact with TyLoo was somebody [Haowen "somebody" Xu] asked me "do you want to join TyLoo" through Steam and I was interested to see how everything was going at TyLoo. After that, TyLoo manager KIndy contacted me personally and we came to an agreement with each other.

You've learned a bit of Mandarin for in-game calling, but you also call in English. How is the communication within the team currently?

The communication currently is not so good, but we try to understand each other using basic Chinese and English CS language.

Because of that language barrier, are you able to connect and form friendships with your teammates?

I think, so far, our chemistry is becoming better and better.

You guys notably defeated Flash Gaming during the Lower Bracket Final of the Asia Minor. This probably wasn’t a big deal for you, but how did your teammates feel about that matchup considering their history with those players? Was there a sense of revenge?

Hmm, I don't know. We just tried to give our best performance against any teams. We also learned from our mistakes and learned about the enemy's playstyle.

I don't think there was any sense of revenge.

July is not only a big month for the team, but also for yourself. You’ve faced and defeated some foreign talent in the past (Fnatic Academy during China Cup 1, etc.), but at the Offline Qualifier for the Krakow Major and ESL One Colonge 2017 you will be facing your toughest competition yet. What are your thoughts of facing teams like G2, FaZe and more?

I don't expect much, because they are all amazing teams.

I've been watching all the teams before, at home on Twitch, and now I can play in the big international event and meet the big teams is already almost a dream for me. They have so much experience, I will learn from all of them.

Assuming you guys qualify for the Major, you’ll be competing at Cologne one week, then the Major the next week. Do you think the events are too close together? Would you guys consider skipping Cologne to focus on the Major?

Of course not, ESL One Cologne is a big event. You're right though, the Major is the main goal, but we have no reason to skip a big event like this.

Would you be able to speak on the Perfect World beta/release of CS:GO in China? Is CS:GO more popular in China/Asia now?

I think CS:GO will have more tournaments at China rather than the rest of Asia. I think Asia has so many talented players that don't have the right opportunity to shine.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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