G2's apEX: 'I don't like trash talking people, I prefer just to beat them on the server'

by Dennis Gonzales Jun 24 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of SL i-League

Dan "apEX" Madesclaire is the entry-fragger for G2 Esports, who are coming into the ECS Season 3 Finals hot off their win at ESL Pro League Season 5 over North.

Ahead of his games in London, apEX took the time to answer a few questions from theScore esports during an ECS press conference, talking about some of drama from North during EPL and looking ahead to facing FaZe Clan and Astralis.

You guys will finally get to face Astralis and FaZe Clan on LAN, what are your thoughts on a matchup against them?

They are the good teams that we haven't had a chance to play against. They are two teams in the top three in the world right now, so I feel like we need to play against them to show that we are a top three team. Right now I feel like we are not in the top three yet, we are just top four or top fiv.

We want to show that we can be able to be one of the best in the world, so we have to beat those guys. We have to beat FaZe, we have to beat Astralis, but not only once but a few times and show that our team can be one of the best. This starts with this event.

Has the introduction of Boomeo, or reintroduction since they were previously, changed the way you train?

I'm not going to lie, Boomeo can be a good thing for many people, but I feel like every player has a different style of preparing themselves for a match or events. For me, I always deathmatch all my life, to get better, to improve my skill, to be consistent in my plays.

I play sometimes in duels and Pre-Fire, but that's not the main thing I play, that's not the main way I train myself. I prefer deathmatch, but I'll try Boomeo, because I feel like it's something great they've created. People are pretty happy about it and I feel like it was missed in our scene, so it's pretty nice.

You had some strong words for Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke and North for how they behaved during the EPL Finals. Looking at it from a fan's perspective, what is the value of having heels or villains in CS:GO, like in wrestling or MMA?

It can be good, of course. I follow MMA a bit and Connor MacGregor is the best for that. But the problem with that kind of thing is, if you get bad, people will just wreck you. They will be like, "why are you talking, you're bad, you're losing, so stop being like that." When you do it, you have to be good all the time. Because when you're not good, everything goes bad, and that's why it's pretty hard to be that guy.

I wouldn't do that because I feel like I'm not able to do it, but I feel like no one is able to do it. It's funny for a couple of times, if you're the best in the world for one year, yeah it's gonna be fun. But then afterwards, what's going to happen to you?

People are just going to hate you, because you were too selfish, too arrogant and wanted to show that you were the best. Of course you were the best, but you didn't respect your opponents. It can be good for a couple of times, but for me, it cannot be for the long-term.

But yeah, it's funny, I did like the way k0nfig talked and said, "Kenny I will fuck you up." It's entertaining for the viewers, for the people, but then we beat them afterwards. Not that easily, but we beat them pretty convincingly, so it was pretty nice for us. We saw people on Twitter and Facebook, taunting k0nfig like, "yeah, you didn't destroy noone, you got trashed man." That was pretty funny, but then again, it's not that funny.

Well, k0nfig and the rest of North are notably not here at ECS, do you have any words for them, or did you want to just keep it positive?

Well, it's a bit not their fault because they were in ECS last year but they changed organizations. They could have qualified, because they were in [EU Promotion], but they didn't. That's not something wrong or bad for them, I feel. They changed organizations and Dignitas kept the slot, so it's not their fault.

So no, I have nothing to say to them. I don't like trash talking people, I prefer just to beat them on the server, that's the best answer that you can have.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Dennis "Tarmanydyn" Gonzales is a news editor for theScore esports who enjoys whiskey, D&D and first-picking Slardar Clinkz Medusa Oracle a P90 my Souvenir Negev Discipline Priest Pharah a silenced Cavity 9mm. You can follow him on Twitter.