Vega's jR: 'Guys from should be the inspiration for everyone, I hope they won’t jump into the reshuffle [quagmire]'

by Dennis Gonzales Jul 14
Thumbnail image courtesy of Michio Morimoto / Creative Commons / Flickr

Dmitriy "jR" Chervak is the captain for Vega Squadron, whose full five-man roster will go into their first ever CS:GO Major in Kraków this Sunday.

Ahead of his games in Poland, jR spoke to theScore esports about his thoughts on getting into FPL and sticking together.

First off, congrats on qualifying for the Major, it seems that pigs can fly! Can you walk us through the team’s winning moment? Did you call family/friends to tell them the good news, or did you just blast social media?

Thanks you for your congratulations! We still can’t believe it, still feels like a dream for all of us.

Everyone was just extremely happy. Some were speechless, some were shouting their loudest. The guys don’t really spam socials, they’re not really into it, but everyone called their families for sure.

Have you guys finally been added to FPL yet? Haha. Even players like s1mple are vouching for you guys now.

At this moment, we still didn’t get the invitation, but the admins promise to add us as soon as they get free spots. Props to the guys, who posted this on Twitter after we managed to qualify. I think they brought some attention to this topic.

For example, Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” [Alesund] messaged our manager on Facebook an hour before his opener at ESL Cologne, asked to link our FACEIT profiles so he could send them over to the admins. We really appreciated the concern.

Here’s an interesting storyline: ropz [Robin "ropz" Kool] made his entire way to the Major through FPL. We, as a team, have never played it. Everyone has their own path and it is just awesome.

Not only is this your first Major, but a first for the entire squad, something we haven’t seen since MLG Major Championship: Columbus with Splyce. Considering the lack of experience on the squad have you guys made any special preparations for the Major?

Our preparations for this Major are exactly the same as for the Minor and the Major Qualifier. As for the other tournaments we just put less hours in team practices, but still everyone is playing a lot individually.

According to Liquipedia, all of you guys started your professional CS:GO careers in early 2015, meaning you guys have made it to the Majors in just over two years. Did you guys expect to be competing at this level so quickly? What do you believe allowed you to have this rapid rise?

It's a dream for everyone. I'd hardly believe someone could expect this coming. But, we’ve been playing together for a long time and I think it paid off. Dedication and [being] willing to learn — I’d like to highlight these two qualities for all the players.

In our previous interview together, you spoke about the importance of forming friendships for all teams. Do you look to teams like for inspiration? What about in traditional sports, where we’ve seen the opposite work, such as with Kobe and Shaq, who feuded yet won multiple NBA championships. What are your thoughts on this?

Guys from should be the inspiration for everyone. I hope they won’t jump into the re-shuffle [quagmire], even if [they] won’t do as good as they expect to do at the Major.

Talking about traditional sports: I think every example is just so individual and rare. As esports grows and grows I wouldn’t exclude a case like that.

You guys are likely the biggest dark horse team going into the Major. From an outside perspective it would seem like your best option would be to use this as a learning experience, but what are your thoughts on this? What are the teams you’d like to face the most, in order to gain experience?

Major is not an exception. As for any other tournament, we’re going there to have some fun and to enjoy the atmosphere. Getting experience is also on our list-to-do, but we’ll try our luck.

I’d choose SK and Astralis as the teams to learn from, teams to get experience against.

Any final thoughts regarding the Major?

I just want to wish best of luck to all the teams that are participating in the Major. Hope we can also grab a piece (from the “lucky” pie).

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Dennis "Tarmanydyn" Gonzales is a news editor for theScore esports who enjoys whiskey, D&D and first-picking Oracle a P90 my Souvenir Negev Discipline Priest Pharah a silenced Cavity 9mm. You can follow him on Twitter.