CS:GO Matches of the Week for August 7-13: Gfinity Elite Series Week 5

by Dennis Gonzales Aug 7
Thumbnail image courtesy of Valve

There is no shortage of CS:GO happening from one week to the next and it can be tough for even hardcore fans to keep track of it all, so we've narrowed down your choices to the few must-watch matches of the week.

Gfinity Elite Series Week 5

With the post-Major vacation rolling along for August, we've got another set of low/mid tier-CS to highlight, this time from Gfinity's Elite Series, an offline league that is notably televised on the UK television channel BBC Three.

Here are just a few of the matchups from Week 5.

Team Endpoint vs. Epsilon Esports

Epsilon are best known as the unwilling farm team for Sweden's top tier, as several former Epsilon players went on to bigger and better things. First disco doplan was sniped by Fnatic; then draken went to Ninjas in Pyjamas and finally REZ, who also went to NiP.

They're clearly a shell of their former selves, but still show signs of life as they currently stand in third place with a 2-2-0 record, but Endpoint are not far behind in forth with a 1-2-1 record.

Endpoint consist primarily of UK natives, with one Swede on the lineup. They haven't achieved much in their local scene and will need to step up to the more experienced core of Epsilon

EnVyUs Academy vs. exceL eSports

Though nV Academy consists of players that came from several different teams, the end result is a team that gels well, as shown from their flawless 4-0-0 record so far and first-place standing. It will be their match to lose against the UK-Irish mix exceL, who sit in the bottom half of the bracket with a 0-2-2 record.

Prophecy vs. Team Infused

Prophecy features a few recognizable names, such as arch and slap, but it's their lesser known players kalle and koloRRR that have been putting in work, as they have 1.18 and 1.21 ratings respectively. They stand in second place with a 3-0-1 record.

Infused's frei has also put in an impressive performance so far, even better than Prophecy's best with a 1.25 player rating. But he'll have to do some seriously lifting to carry teammates Trials and redSNK, who have some of the lowest player ratings of the entire league.

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