Space Soldiers unable to attend DreamHack Montreal due to visa issues

by theScore Staff Aug 30 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Space Soldiers

Space Soldiers are unable to attend DreamHack Montreal 2017 due to visa issues, according to a statement to theScore esports from the team's general coordinator Ahmed Çayli.

"As you know Turkey is not [a part of] the European Union. We need to apply for visas to Europe, USA, England... actually almost everywhere is asking visas for Turkish citizens," Çayli said in his email statement. "The average visa application period takes two weeks. That's why we always have difficulties if we don't have at least one month between the qualification matches and the main event. In addition to that, especially for the DreamHack Montreal, there is a ... national holiday for a week in Turkey. Thus, the visa bureau won't work.

"From both the players and the managers, we are so sorry that we can't attend Montreal, however we deserve to be there."

Space Soldiers qualified for DreamHack Montreal by going through the Europe Qualifier. There they took 2-0 sweeps over, coREA, x6tence, Team Spirit Academy, as well as a 2-0 win over HellRaisers in the Finals.

"We are an upcoming team and that kind of prestigious tournaments, such as DreamHack, are really important to prove our self. I hope the DreamHack will see the situation and do something to solve the problem," Çayli said.

"I think if they invite us to their next tournament, it would be a great gesture of them. We don't ask for a privilege, we only wish to join the tournament which we have already deserved."

It's currently unknown which team will replace Space Soldiers for DreamHack Montreal 2017.

theScore esports has reached out to DreamHack and will update the story with any further information.

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