DreamHack complies with ESIC cheating sanctions; unbans ex-IBP players

by Daniel Rosen Sep 6
Thumbnail image courtesy of DreamHack

DreamHack will now comply with the Esports Integrity Coalition's recommended guidelines on cheating in esports, and as a result has unbanned several players including the ex-iBUYPOWER roster.

DreamHack's new cheating regulations state that players found cheating will be disqualified from a tournament, forfeit prize money, and face a minimum two-year ban from DreamHack events. Match-fixing will see a five-year ban along with a fine while doping will see a one-to-two year ban and tournament manipulation will see a one-to-two year ban as well as a fine.

Additionally, DreamHack's press release states that "all previously issued lifetime bans issued prior to Feb. 15, 2015 have been lifted." This unbans all players involved in the IBP cheating scandal, which took place in August 2014 and saw most involved players banned in January 2015.

In July, ESIC regulation changes saw the ex-IBP players unbanned from ESL and ESEA events, though DreamHack told ESPN that they would not be changing their stance on banned players.

"We are proud to be members of ESIC,” Michael Van Driel, Chief Product Officer at DreamHack, said in a press release. "As all aspects of our esport competitions continue to grow, the need for an assisting regulatory body has become more and more apparent, while it took us some time to internally review and ratify the ESIC recommendations which came out a couple of months ago, we are happy to be able to rely on ESIC’s consultation and expertise on these matters."

The players are still banned from all Valve and ELEAGUE events, and it is unclear if any other event organizers will lift their bans on the affected players.

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