theScore esports Daily (Sept.8): ESG Mykonos and DreamHack Montreal results, plus CSGO Lotto owners reach settlement with FTC

by Colin McNeil Sep 8
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Well, I hope you like Counter-Strike, because we've got plenty to cover today. No less than three tournaments are vying for your viewership this weekend, to say nothing of ESL Pro League starting up again.

Get ‘em to the Greek: ESG Mykonos results

Let’s start off with ESG Mykonos shall we? Heroic are the first team to fall in Greece, with the Danes on the receiving end of a 2-0 thrashing by the boys from mousesports. Joining them on the plane home will be Team EnVyUs who took a tough 2-1 loss to BIG.

Unfortunately for all you Gambit fans, the reigning Major champions are also on their way out after a tough 2-0 loss to mouz that saw the Kazakhs get off to fatally slow start on Inferno and, at one point, blow a 10-0 round lead on Train.

Vive la CS:GO DreamHack Montreal results

A less surprising result at DreamHack Montreal, where Cloud9 stomped compLexity 16-5 on Train in their best-of-one contest. North fans however got the scare of lives when the Danish side squeaked by tournament underdogs Gale Force Esports 16-14 on Cobble.

CSGO Lotto owners reach settlement with FTC

YouTubers Trevor "TmarTn" Martin and Thomas "Syndicate" Cassell have reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission after more than a year of controversy. You’ll remember these two gentlemen from the CSGO Lotto controversy that erupted summer of 2016.

The TL;DR here is Martin and Cassell made videos on YouTube where they promoted the CS:GO skin gambling website CSGO Lotto while allegedly failing to disclose the fact they actually co-own that website.

The pair are now required to "clearly and conspicuously" disclose their relationships with anyone who endorses their videos, or otherwise asks them to promote a product or service. This is the first time the FTC has taken action against social media influencers.

The FTC has also sent warning letters to 21 other influencers regarding Instagram posts with the FTC's updated guidelines on social media influences.

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