cajunb on DreamHack's Immortals ruling: 'I would rather have honest play than winning like this because to be honest this feels weird. This doesn't feel like a win [to] some point'

by theScore Staff Sep 11 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of NORTH

Even though his team won DreamHack Montreal on Sunday, North's AWPer René "cajunb" Borg says that the victory felt somewhat hollow after their Grand Final opponents, Immortals, forfeited a map due to showing up 45 minutes late for the match.

theScore esports caught up with cajunb after the tournament to talk about DreamHacks' ruling, playing with the team's newly acquired rifler Valdemar "valde" Bjørn Vangså and North's rivalry with their fellow Danes, Astralis.

Talk to me about Immortals arriving late to the Grand Finals, then DreamHack's ruling that saw them forfeit the first map. Do you feel that was the right call from the tournament organizers?

Yes, at some point I think it's the right call. I think the rules should be as they are. They had like 45 minutes to come from when the game should have started, so I think they gave them a fair chance.

Would you rather have played out your first map?

We tried to ask the admin if we could play the first map because we just [wanted] to play this final. I would say even if we would have lost this final too, I would rather have honest play than winning like this because to be honest this feels weird. This doesn't feel like a win [to] some point.

Coming into Montreal after the Malmö Grand Final, did you feel like you guys had momentum on your side or was coming close to winning and falling short more of a negative experience than a positive one?

Well this is positive for us because we had valde [for] like two, three weeks ago now, something like that, and we have been performing really well since signing him and we actually managed to come second at Malmö [which] gave us a really huge confidence boost for Montreal and so it was a good thing.

How has valde's inclusion affected your gameplay?

It's taken off that weight that we have been a lot more stable than we have been in the past. valde's a really good player. He is bringing a lot of team play to the team which we might have missed in our former lineups.

You guys seems to be gaining momentum over your Danish rivals Astralis, how big of a confidence booster is that?

I love the rivalry against Astralis. It's just a team that we really want to beat, but I wouldn't say that we are the number one team yet at all. We're coming closer but they are still the number one team. But I'm really waiting for the tournament where we're gonna play them because we have not been playing them in a best-of-three on LAN yet. We only played them in a best-of-one where I think we won 19-17 at the StarLadder, but I'm looking forward to it.

Are you jealous of the other teams in Mykonos right now?

Yes, [to] some point I am. It looked like an awesome place. It was a tournament which we considered attending as well, but this tournament was closer to ELEAGUE next week so we decided to go here and be prepared for the jet lag as well... and I think it's only a three hour flight away from Atlanta so that's why we decided to participate in Montreal instead of Mykonos.

Where are you guys going next?

We're travelling on Monday. We're gonna have a day off and then we're gonna travel the day after to Atlanta and then we're going to stay there until Friday where we're gonna start Group B.

What are your thoughts on OpTic picking up an EU roster?

I like it. I think it's a good thing that the EU team is competing in NA as well. I think it's a good chance for the NA teams to play against an EU team as well. We've been surprised about how good the teams actually were over here when we were practicing so I think it's good for the NA scene as well.

How important for you is defending your EPICENTER title?

That's one of the tournaments which we really want to win. We're the defending champions and to be honest, we didn't actually know if we would get invited at first, but we got the invite. It's really important to us to go there and win again.

What did you do in Montreal on your day off?

Well, [I've] got the most lazy team ever so the only thing we did was going to a restaurant called Keg restaurant, it was like a steakhouse. And I went to the gym and the other guys were laying in bed and watching CS from Mykonos I think.

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