CS:GO Matches of the Week for Sept. 11-17: ESL One New York and Immortals' chance for redemption

by Dennis Gonzales Sep 12
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There is no shortage of CS:GO happening from one week to the next and it can be tough for even hardcore fans to keep track of it all, so we've narrowed down your choices to the few must-watch matches of the week.

September has ended up being a hurricane of CS:GO action, with DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 starting in August and bleeding into September, then ESG Tour Mykonos (which I neglected to write about in my last matches of the week, though it did take place in EU timezone, so sue me), DreamHack Montreal 2017 and the first group of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017 all finishing this past weekend.

The action shows no sign of slowing down this coming weekend as both ESL One New York 2017 and another EL Premier group are set to kick off.

ESL One New York 2017

  • Where: ESL CS:GO Twitch
  • When: Sept. 15-17
  • Why: Will the defending champions (Na`Vi/FaZe GuardiaN) hold down the Big Apple?

As the reigning champions from last year's tournament, all eyes will be on Natus Vincere in New York. Though Na`Vi nowadays have a slightly different roster, a victory in New York would carry the same amount of impact.

The Na`Vi roster that went into ESL NY 2016 was desperate for a win, a point that couldn't be made more clear when former Na`Vi player GuardiaN broke down in tears after the victory.

We see history repeating as both Na`Vi as a team and GuardiaN on FaZe have had their fair share of struggles ahead of New York. Na`Vi dropped out of the group stage at the EL Premier, while FaZe did the same at Malmö. As such, New York could be another important chapter in their stories.

Cloud9 vs. Natus Vincere

This match up is a throwback to ESL One Cologne 2017, when C9 defeated Na`Vi 2-0 in the semifinals and n0thing legendarily popped off, shirt and all. Though that matchup featured notably different rosters, the upset potential remains.

And should an upset happen, expectations are high that mr. noshirt_tv himself, tarik, should similarly disrobe.

FaZe Clan vs.

FaZe's most recent outing at the EL Premier has given fans a sense of relief as they topped their group. However, the devil is in the details as they did so by only winning best-of-ones against Na`Vi and Renegades, which shouldn't inspire too much confidence.

Though FaZe's latest lineup has star power in spades, with the removal of kioShiMa and no real 1:1 replacement as far as roles, this leaves the team with a seemingly poor support line. And with such a tactical leader like karrigan, their full potential could be limited unless one of the super stars takes a back seat role and starts supporting.

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As for GuardiaN, he seem to be putting up solid numbers, almost regardless of whether FaZe wins the map. The few times he's actually under-performed, his team weren't able to make up for it. GuardiaN may very well shed tears in New York, regardless of whether he wins or not, from the strain of putting his team on his back.

ELEAGUE Premier 2017 - Group B

  • Where: ELEAGUE TV Twitch
  • When: Sept. 15
  • Why: Potential North vs Immortals rematch from DreamHack Montreal 2017

DreamHack Montreal 2017 made headlines, not just because North won the Grand Finals over Immortals, but because they won the Grand Finals after only winning one map. The circumstance came about as a result of three IMT players being late for the start of the match, forcing DreamHack to award North a default win in the series.

Hearsay about the situation ran rampant As it stands, it's not exactly clear why the IMT players were late, regardless, it was an unfortunate situation for all involved.

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Unfortunately the teams don't face each other in their opening matches of the group, but should the bracket go the way we want, IMT have a chance to (somewhat) redeem themselves and give North the best-of-three that we were meant to have in Montreal.

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