Space Soldiers' XANTARES: 'Investors and sponsors in Turkey are suspicious because of the terrorist connotation in the game'

by theScore Staff Oct 5 2017
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Can "XANTARES" Dörtkardeş is a rifler for Space Soldiers and considered one of the biggest up and coming talents in CS:GO. After his team won the Mountain Dew League Season 25 Global Challenge, XANTARES took the time to answer questions from theScore esports about being a pro in Turkey and exploring their options abroad.

You guys won MDL Season 25 Global Challenge, notably going undefeated at the event. Tell us about that win and what it means to you. Any immediate plans for the winnings?

I am very happy to be a champion.

With the team, we participated in a tournament for the first time in USA and won undefeated. It was a good step to announce our name to America.

How would you describe the CS:GO scene in Turkey, especially considering how big LoL seems to be there? Do you feel a sense of responsibility for growth in the region?

LoL is a very popular game in Turkey and around the world. The game has been supported a lot by the game company, Riot, and the sponsors, meanwhile CS:GO hasn’t got a good impression because it is a “war game." Investors and sponsors in Turkey are suspicious because of the terrorist connotation in the game.

Considering these, I can’t expect too much in a short time period.

You guys were unable to attend DreamHack Montreal due to visa issues, how were you and the team affected by this? How difficult is it being an esports pro in Turkey?

As in the previous question, this issue is again related to my country, Turkey. There was a delay in the visas as it was the official holiday period.

We were depressed as a team, we were really sad that we couldn’t go. Besides that, we have ping problems while playing in Turkey during our online matches. Our internet providers can not provide enough speed to compete equally with our rivals.

We are trying to deal with our opponents with an Internet that is almost seven times worse than other European countries.

You guys have bootcamped in Germany, how much better is practicing from Europe? Is moving regions a consideration that you or your team has made?

First of all, moving to Europe is the dream of the whole team. We can prove to the whole world the real potential of the Space Soldiers. We bootcamped in Germany and we were very pleased.

In an interview with us, Space Soldiers’ owner Bunyamin Aydin has said that his goal in the future is to create a superteam, regardless of whether it’s a full Turkish lineup. How would you feel about Space Soldiers becoming an international team, with a mixed nationality roster like FaZe Clan?

The team does not have to be completely Turkish. The reason we are carrying on as five Turkish players is because we adapted very well to each other.

It would be totally normal for me if there's a foreign player in the team and I would be quite happy to be a part of that team because I really want to achieve more with Space Soldiers.

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Would you put in the time to learn more English?

We practice a lot, we play lots of matches and we have lots of tournament to attempt. In such a busy period, I can’t find time to learn English.

In the EPICENTER Open Qualifier #1, you defeated mousesports to advance to the main qualifier. While in Open Qualifier #2, Heroic were eliminated. However, both mouz and Heroic were later directly invited to the main qualifier. What are your thoughts on this?

This is something that is very common. However, while lots of team in Europe get it, it has never happened to us. I will only say one thing: this is “injustice.”

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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