Sadokist on the Dust II rework: 'The hard part is because it's so iconic you can't change everything, otherwise it's a whole new map and then you get too far away from it.'

by Colin McNeil, Josh Bury, Dennis Gonzales Oct 13

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1:58 - Sadokist on his amateur racing career
4:06 - The full story behind getting his race car stolen
13:36 - Dust II rework: yea or nea?
16:28 - Don't ever go back to CS 1.6
28:53 - Which teams will dominate on the new Dust II?
30:03 - Pistol changes and the dualies meta?
1:01:30 - On almost quitting casting after the last Major
1:07:28 - How prevalent is burnout in CS:GO?
1:11:08 - "You have to pay your dues to get the Majors"

After being removed from the Active Duty map roster in February, CS:GO fans have finally gotten a glimpse of the reworked Dust II, which hit beta this week. With the latest iteration of one of Counter-Strike's most iconic maps on everyone's minds, theScore esports Podcast called on Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett to get his thoughts on the rework.

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The Canadian half of one of CS:GO's premier casting duos, Sadokist said that although he hadn't yet had time to load up the beta and get his hands dusty, there were already a few small changes he'd like to have seen on the new map—starting with B doors.

"I maintain that I don't think the issue with the B Site is holding it directly. Even though dupreeh said 'Argh, it's the hardest place to hold,' I don't think B is that hard to hold because there's only one way into B. What's hard to hold is Mid to B," he said.

"As soon as you lose Mid, then B becomes impossible. So I think there's a bigger issue in how you set up your team to hold Mid and B at the same time. So if they swapped the doors so ... you could look at the Tunnels from Mid, then I think you can play two Mid one B and have a smarter rotation or have an AWP in Mid that can protect B as well as the mid doors and I think that's viable."

According to Sadokist, one of the persistent fundamental issues with the map is the prevalence of the "Mid pick," which can instantly give the T-side a 5v4 advantage with a flick of the AWP.

"It's become such an integral part of the map that everyone is like 'Oh the Mid pick, you've got to jump, you gotta make it, you gotta make it." Name another map in the world where the CTs, without doing anything wrong, can be in 5v4 off the start of a map," he said.

"I think that was actually there at the start to create sniper battles, but then people got so good at hitting that shot that it's just developed into part of the meta that wasn't really intended. And I'm going to say it, I know that lots of people will disagree and I can totally understand the disagreement. I think if the Mid pick wasn't there anymore, I wouldn't be that mad."

Another notable change to the map is a wider Catwalk, which Sado said could allow CTs to be more aggressive, but he wasn't sure if it would be a decisive factor in competitive play.

"I think it's easier for the CTs to get aggressive on it because they'll have more movement and then more opening," he said. "I know it's really linear as before, but the fact that it was so tight of a position to get the CTs into to get any information and you couldn't really fall back, now I think there's more room for maneuver there."

Ultimately, Sadokist said he would have liked to see more significant changes to the map, but concedes that it's impossible to seriously alter one of the most beloved maps in the franchise's long history.

"Now, admittedly seeing they haven't changed it as much as I thought they would, maybe I'm not as excited as I originally anticipated I would be. I was hoping when we got it back it would be so different that it was very obvious a whole different play style would emerge, but I have to say having not had it for so long now I am pretty ready to see it again," he said.

Because the map has changed so little, Sadokist said he expects teams that were successful on it when it was still in competitive rotation to continue to dominate it once it comes back, at least at first.

"It'd be the same teams as before likely," he said. "I don't think it's going to change that much right away. And everyone is going to go back to the old meta to start and then see how it changes, so I would look at french teams, KennyS was always really really good on it. SmithZz used to be really, really good on it even though he's in a coaching role now. mousesports might be alright because chrisJ really likes the map. oskar has been really, really sharp."

One team he was less sure about were SK Gaming, who have had prior victories on Dust II before abandoning after a vicious loss to Fnatic.

"SK had a weird history with it. They were really, really good on it right before they brought in fnx and TACO," he explained. "And then they got away from it because they lost 0-16 to Fnatic as soon as they made that roster change... but I don't think they were that bad on the map, so they could be decent."

In the end, Sadokist said he would be a proponent of a larger Active Duty map pool that shifts between seasons.

"I'm an advocate for 13-map pool played on a seasonal rotation for seven maps, if that makes sense. So you have 13 maps you could choose from in every season, that being Major to Major you play different maps," he said. "I like creativity, I like seeing different teams have to come up with new ideas. So yeah, I'm excited to have another map come back into the pool. But we'll see if it ends up changing at all."

Colin McNeil, Josh Bury, Dennis Gonzales and Sasha Erfanian are editors for theScore esports. You can follow them on Twitter.