The Top 10 No-Scopes in CS:GO History

by theScore esports Staff Dec 15

Sometimes all you need to finish off a sick play is to forget that you have a scope and just pull the trigger. From jdm64’s 180 no-scope to s1mple’s falling AWP, it’s time to countdown the Top 10 No-Scopes in CS:GO history.

10. pyth’s Double Scout

pyth kicks off our list in style, with two insane Scout shots — Winterfox might have lost the round, but pyth won our hearts.

9. jdm64’s 180 No-Scope

jdm64 snatches the number nine spot for this ridiculous clutch that he pulled off thanks to back-to-back no-scopes, including a slick 180 spin.

8. FalleN’s No-Scope Wallbang

It’s an impossible shot that makes no sense, which is why FalleN’s crazy wallbang no-scope is in at number eight on our list.

7. JW Shows No Respect

It seems like JW is at his best when he plays with no respect — and in our pick for number seven he caps off a quad kill with a pair of nasty no-scopes.

6. FalleN’s Classic Clutch

One of the coolest pure reaction-shot no-scopes comes in at number six on our list — and yes, it’s FalleN’s insane clutch from IEM Katowice.

5. starix’s Long Distance Shot

Our pick for number five is quite possibly the longest-range professional no scope ever. From nearly one end of the map to the other, starix didn’t miss the mark.

4. The shroud Scout

shroud’s Scout no-scope makes the list at number for not only because it’s sick, but also because of n0thing’s hilarious reaction to it.

3. kennyS’ Double No-Scope Clutch

Our pick for number three sees kennyS showing off his skills with an absolutely insane double no-scope clutch. How did he even win this round?

2. s1mple’s Falling AWP

We couldn’t possibly do a no-scope list without including s1mple’s falling AWP in the top two. The play, the casting, the crowd reaction — everything is just perfect.

1. coldzera’s Jumping AWP

A Major saving moment. One of the best plays in CS:GO history. And it’s a jumping double no-scope with another no-scope for style. coldzera’s legendary jumping AWP deserves nothing less than number one on our list.

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