Flash Gaming to replace TyLoo at ELEAGUE Major

by Daniel Rosen Jan 4
Thumbnail image courtesy of TyLoo, Valve

Flash Gaming will replace TyLoo at the ELEAGUE Major, ELEAGUE tweeted on Thursday.

Flash gaming placed third in the Asia Minor ahead of the major, losing 2-1 to TyLoo in the lower bracket final. TyLoo and the Minor champions, Renegades, qualified for the New Challengers stage of the Major by placing in the Top 2, and now Flash Gaming will be taking TyLoo's spot.

TyLoo was forced to withdraw from the major, following issues securing a visa for player Hansel "BnTeT" Ferdinand. ELEAGUE's rules required them to field their former coach, Luis "Peacemaker" Tadeu, who reportedly demanded a share of each TyLoo sticker sold to play for the team. Peacemaker is currently coaching Heroic.

The ELEAGUE Boston Major kicks off on Jan. 12.

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