Peacemaker denies TyLoo's allegations that he demanded share of sticker sales

by Daniel Rosen Jan 5
Thumbnail image courtesy of TyLoo, Valve

Heroic coach Luis "Peacemaker" Tadeu is denying allegations made by his former team, TyLoo, that he demanded a share of the team's sticker sales as a condition to play for them in the upcoming ELEAGUE Boston Major.

In December, TyLoo player Hansel "BnTeT" Ferdinand was forced to drop out of the Major due to visa issues. According to ELEAGUE's rules, Peacemaker, who was TyLoo's coach at the time they qualified for the major, was the only eligible replacement.

According to a statement TyLoo released earlier today, Peacemaker, who now coaches Heroic, agreed to play for the team, but demanded too much money in the form of a large share of the team's sticker sales. All teams and players who qualify for the major get in-game stickers, and the teams and players split the income they get from sales of those stickers. According to Peacemaker, players receive 100 percent of their player autograph stickers, while TyLoo alleges that teams split the team's sticker income, with half going to the organization, and half distributed among the players.

According to Peacemaker's account, he agreed to play for the team under the condition that he, like all players, get 100 percent of his own autograph sticker income. However, Peacemaker later found out that he was not getting a sticker at all, which caused "frustration" as he put it in a video statement.

"One of the most valuable things of competing in the Major was taken away from me," Peacemaker said. "Obviously, together with that, a lot of money. And I'm not going to play the hypocrite here, that the money doesn't matter, because it does matter, we are professionals."

TyLoo alleges that after he found out he wasn't getting his own sticker, Peacemaker demanded that he instead receive money from TyLoo that would be equivalent to his share of the sticker sales. TyLoo says they found this "unacceptable," and chose to withdraw from the Major instead of fielding Peacemaker.

However, Peacemaker denies this part of the story. He alleges that he "absolutely never asked money from the players and didn't specify an amount of money that I wanted." Peacemaker says that he only wanted a "compromise to the situation," though does not clarify in his video what that compromise would have entailed.

Peacemaker goes on to say that TyLoo did not want to negotiate with him, as they claim in their statement, and instead told him he should be satisfied with his share of the team sticker income. Peacemaker alleges that TyLoo's manager told him the team felt pressured by his demands, and would prefer to forfeit the major. Peacemaker then reiterated his allegation that he made no demands of TyLoo.

Peacemaker claims that on Jan. 22, after talking to players, he decided to give up on negotiation and play for TyLoo at the Major anyway. He said this was because he realized it wasn't the team's fault, and that he didn't want to hurt his former teammates. However, TyLoo still withdrew from the Major, even after Peacemaker allegedly attempted to convince them to compete.

Finally, Peacemaker alleges that he was never under any legal obligation to play for TyLoo at the Major, because he was never given a contract by the team when he was coaching for them, and claims that TyLoo's only goal in withdrawing from the Major was to make Peacemaker and ELEAGUE look bad.

TyLoo's statement mentions that the organization went back to ELEAGUE and asked if they could field a substitute player instead of Peacemaker, but their request was denied.

On Dec. 23, independent journalist Jarek "DeKay" Lewis reported that TyLoo was ready to withdraw from the Boston Major, and alleged that Peacemaker asked for a percentage of all TyLoo sticker income as part of the negotiations.

In the meantime, TyLoo stickers were removed from the Major sticker bundle, and can now only be purchased from other CS:GO player who acquired them before they were pulled from the bundle. The TyLoo stickers have since broken records for aftermarket Major sticker prices, with the one BnTeT gold autograph sticker available going for $1,150.

TyLoo have been replaced at the Major by Flash Gaming.

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