The 2015 AWP nerf and its controversial legacy in CS:GO

by Daniel Rosen, Josh Bury May 3

The AWP is a weapon that evokes many different emotions in Counter Strike fans. With a one-shot-kill to the head or torso, it can be frustrating to play against, but thrilling to see in the hands of an expert.

The iconic and devastating weapon has been tweaked and balanced in every version of CS, but CS:GO’s version of the gun was so powerful, it ended up being hit by one of the most drastic balance changes in the series’ history.

While the change was made over three years ago, the nerf remains a subject of some debate.

The heart of the question is: how much impact should one player with a specialist weapon have? And does it make sense to nerf a weapon that one in five players use if there are only a couple AWPers able to push the weapon to its absolute limit?

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