Best of Insane CS:GO Strats that Actually Worked... and Some that Didn't (Wallbangs, Boosts and More)

by Colin McNeil, Dennis Gonzales Oct 26

Counter-Strike is a game that’s all about precision. From the accuracy of the players, to the timing of the plays and the management of the team’s economy.

But sometimes, you have to throw the established meta away and pull off something special.

This week on Best of we’re taking a look at some of the most insane meta-defying strats in CS:GO that actually worked. And a few that didn’t.

We’ll be covering some mind-blowing, next level wallbangs from the minds of CS:GO’s best, plus some plays you’ll be more than familiar with, like the Olof Boost...

… and a handful of peanut-brain strats that just didn’t pan out.

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