Best of CS:GO Aces

by Colin McNeil, Dennis Gonzales Nov 30

Guys, this week on Best of, 2Ks are just not enough. 3Ks? Not even close. And we’re not settling for 4Ks either — this week, we want it all, the full five, the team wipe, the Ace.

We’re bringing you guys the best Ace Clutches, the best Pistol Aces and everything else in-between.

But before all that, we need to get something out of the way. We have to acknowledge the absolute legendary Aces in CS:GO history.

If you’re new the the game, these are required viewing. But if you’re already a CS:GO guy or gal and you’ve seen them a million times, well, the plays are so good let’s make it a million and one.

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