The Lovable Bully Who Became the Undisputed King of CS:GO’s Deadliest Alleyway

by Dimitri Pascaluta, Miles Hackett, Jason Durante 10 months ago

In esports, as in life, rulers are destined to rise and fall. Sometimes, a crown naturally finds its way onto the brow of an up-and-comer, heralding a new era of royalty. Other times, it’s left unattended, and gets seized as a result. As the level of competition increases, those who’ve been deemed masters of their craft are fated to be dethroned. Kings come and go, and those who were adorned with laurels yesterday aren’t likely to be imperators today. That is, unless you’re talking about Adam “friberg” Friberg, CS:GO’s unusurpable, fruit-obsessed monarch.

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