ESL Cologne drug testing comes up negative

by theScore Staff Aug 25 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Dennis Gonzales / ESL/theScore eSports

After all that worry about Adderall being used by CS:GO players, ESL has announced that every test came up negative of the players randomly selected to take part in drug testing at this past weekend's ESL One: Cologne.

This statement was part of a larger ESL article detailing the numbers of the much-hyped event.

This all comes after an interview with Kory "Semphis" Friesen in July stating that all of Cloud9 had been on Adderall at ESL Katowice 2015. This prompted ESL to introduce the first ever drug testing policy and Cologne was the first time that the policy was in place.

ESL also confirms that it "will continue to implement this newly established initiative for all events in the ESL One series." It seems that the initiative will be expanding to players of games other than CS:GO, such as those competing in the upcoming ESL One: New York Dota 2 tournament in October.

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