Fnatic's olofmeister: 'I would like to see bigger leagues comparable to basketball or football'

by theScore Staff Dec 13 2015
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Fnatic's Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer has been heralded as CS:GO's biggest superstar. The Swedish born player has dominated the scene since he joined the Fnatic roster with his insane ability to put up frag after frag.

After having defeated Question Mark in a close best-of-three series in the ESL ESEA Pro League semifinals to advance to the Grand Finals, olofmeister sat down with theScore eSports to discuss the acquisition of dennis, his team's recent success and what he thought of 2015.

To start things off I want to look back at this year as a whole. Your lineup experienced a lot of success this year winning multiple championships. What for you personally was your favorite moment in 2015?

My favourite moment in 2015 was probably the Katowice Major, which was the first Major for me, and it was really nice because it was probably the biggest stage I played, up until Cologne. That was biggest hype moment of 2015, because it was the first Major win for me.

Ever since the acquisition of dennis, your team has now won two straight offline titles. How important has dennis been to your recent success?

dennis has been really important to our recent success because he came in with some bright ideas, we needed some new ideas, and he is really motivated to play so it helps everybody else get motivated. He has new bright ideas for sure, and now it feels like we have five really strong individual players, losing pronax we lost a little bit of the tactical side of the game, but I think dennis measures up with that.

What was the reason that you guys chose to take dennis as your fifth member?

We talked a lot about who to pick and the main reason is because dennis is a real solid player and we needed someone like him [who] can open up sites and stuff like that, and we also needed a player that would fit in socially with us, and everybody knows dennis from before. Me and KRiMZ have played with him before in LGB and also he is probably my closest friend in the game, it also helps to get the team more together as a unit.

With pronax now gone from the lineup, flusha has taken over the calling duties on your team. What kind of shot-calling style does flusha utilize and how does that help your team win rounds?

flusha likes to play off us because he knows how we like to play. He is learning how dennis wants to play, so he tries to do tactics around us that we feel comfortable with and also he likes to keep it simple but also at the same time reading an opponent. It's hard to explain but he keeps it simple in different ways against different teams.

Considering all your recent success heading into the ESL ESEA Pro League Finals, how confident were you in your team making a deep run in this tournament?

Really confident as we have played two tournaments, we won them both. But at the same time it is CS:GO, anything can happen, just look at the last tournament. Luminosity went all the way to finals beating NiP, EnVyUs and TSM, something that is really sick. So, really confident but not too confident because when you get too confident, I think it is easy to slip up and lose.

You individually have been one of the most consistently dominant players in the scene and you talk quite a bit about how much your team helps you achieve great individual results. Can you give us some details on what your team does to set you up for big games?

It's hard to say, but like having the four guys I have around me, you get really confident to do stuff because if you do a mistake or slip up, you know that the other guys can still win the round even if you die as an entry or whatever. Also, I get to do a lot of stuff that I want to do especially now that flusha is here [shot-calling], we have a really loose style. Whatever somebody wants to do, he is probably going to do it. So, it’s like the confidence within the team and knowing how the other guys play. They help a lot.

So when you're talking about how everyone has to be in a motivated mood to continue playing successfully, is there anybody who stands out as the voice of encouragement?

I think like the whole team is confident. I think dennis right now is probably [the voice of encouragement] because everything is amazing for him to play, dennis is a real happy guy. So, I would say dennis right now, but the team as a whole, everybody likes to help — sometimes someone has a bad game or feeling a bit down but then the other guys are like, 'Come on guys let's do this', there's always someone who does this.

One thing that was notable in your match against EnVyUs was that you guys seemed to have difficulty dealing with EnVyUs’ slower executes. Was this something that you guys expected from them? Why do you think you had so much difficulty against EnVyUs?

I don't know, it was the first time we played against them, and we didn't hit our shots that we usually do and a lot of guys felt like they were getting out-timed, but that is a good move for them if they do the time right, then we are out-timed. It is something that we had trouble with but I guess we talked about it afterwards and I think we are ready for it the next time.

Considering this is the last big tournament of the year, how important is it for your team to try and win this one?

It is as important as every other tournament. It is really important and you wanna close out the year with a win. We want to end the year as big as possible.

Would you say that every single tournament you guys play in would have the same importance?

No, no. Every tournament is not as important. Like for example this tournament compared to FragBite Masters is more important, but this is one of the biggest tournaments of the year and we want to win this, but at the same time we want to win every tournament.

Team Liquid’s nitr0 had a great series against you. What is your opinion of him as a player? What do you think he needs to improve on to be more consistent in his play?

He had, I think, like 40+ frags [it was 35 frags] on cache against us or something like that. So I don't think he really needs to improve on anything. I haven't really watched him play. He was really amazing. It stood out big for me. He played really good. He can keep up that game, he could probably be one of the best players in the world.

At this tournament, you are playing on the previous patch of the game. Have you had a chance to play on the new patch and what is your personal opinion of the new patch?

I haven't been able to play the new patch because we have been here in LA when it came it out. We were on the flight here when it came out. ESEA asked us, 'Do you want to play on the new patch or the old patch?' Every player, every team said the old patch. We don’t have Internet on the computers to try the new one.

Have you seen the news about the new patch?

I want to see the Revolver. I only read stuff about the Revolver. It's ridiculous, whatever. If you one shot someone with a ****ing gun in the stomach, like that's ****ing stupid.

Overall what are your team’s plans for 2016? What events and/or competitions will you be most looking forward to?

I think there are a lot of tournaments happening behind the scenes. So it's hard to say anything. We have some stuff planned for 2016, we know what we are going to do. But there is still some decisions that we haven't made yet so it's hard to... like I think that we want to end the tournaments and then make the decisions. I think everyone on the team has been looking forward to a break. Like, we have been traveling two times a month from last 18 months.

Some people have you at the top of their list for players of the year. If you could only pick one player (who is not yourself) who would you pick as player of the year and why?

flusha. He been really consistent and like when we needed someone to be in-game leader, he took the role. It's really, really hard being an in-game leader like, I couldn't do it. I would like suck if I was in game leader, and be like really panicking. so, flusha.

Looking back on 2015, how do you think the year was overall for the scene, in terms of tournaments, prizepools and roster changes?

That is a good question. I think the tournaments, I think there were too many tournaments to be honest. I would like to see bigger leagues comparable to basketball or football and play lesser games. I think the big games are losing hype because EnVyUs vs. TSM is happening this week, but it is happening the week before that and the week before that and is going to happen two weeks ahead. It’s like, too many tournaments and too many big games. I wanna see more hype and lesser big games.

What do you think 2016 will hold for the professional CS:GO leagues?

I think it is going to get bigger and bigger. Just watching the Pro League and there is stuff happening by the team so I don't know if I can comment to that. There is big stuff happening and I am looking forward to it, I hope less tournaments though.

What are your personal plans for the holidays?

I'm going to go away with my family to our summer house and celebrate the holidays with the family. So it’s going to be real fun.

Do you have any final words for your fans?

I just want to thank you for all the support. Hopefully you guys will keep supporting.

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