FlipSid3, Splyce, EnVyUs, Cloud9 eliminated on Day 2 of MLG Major

by Dennis Gonzales Mar 30 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of MLG Twitch

The first four teams have been eliminated at the MLG Major Championship: Columbus: FlipSid3 Tactics, Splyce, Team EnVyUs and Cloud9 will be headed home.

The first best-of-one of the day between mouz and F3 will likely remain the most intense match of the entire tournament. It went to quintuple overtime and ended after 59 grueling rounds, making it the longest map in CS:GO Major history.

The previous record for longest map in a CS:GO Major was 46 rounds, which happened during DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca between G2 Esports and Team EnVyUs.

Nikola "NiKo" Kovač carried mouz as per usual and was the team's top-rated player for the match, but Chris "chrisJ" De Jong deserves special mention for clutching several key rounds during overtime.

Next up was Splyce versus FaZe, which was the opposite of the previous set, with FaZe blowing out Splyce 16-3 and staying alive in the tournament.

Afterwards, EnVy faced Gambit in a match that was hard to watch for French CS:GO fans. EnVy looked strong in the first half, going up 9-6, but the second half slipped away from them. Gambit won the second pistol round and proceeded to go on a monstrous 9-round-streak to take it to 15-9. EnVy made a bit of a comeback, taking four rounds, but were not able to force an overtime as Gambit closed the series 16-13.

The final elimination match was between C9 and G2. Like their fellow American team Splyce, C9 had no hope — G2 dominated them 16-3 on Dust 2. That leaves Team Liquid and Counter Logic Gaming as the final two teams representing NA at the Major.

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