Astralis eliminates Fnatic in 2-0 upset at MLG Major, move on to face Na`Vi

by Dennis Gonzales Apr 1 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Joe Brady / ESL

Fnatic's six tournament win streak has finally ended as Astralis shut down the Swedes 2-0 at the MLG Major Championship: Columbus.

Fnatic’s elimination marks the first time in CS:GO Major history where a Swedish team wasn’t in the Top 4.

The first map of the series was on Overpass, a map that favored Fnatic heavily, or at least was supposed to. Astralis ran away with the first half, taking the pistol round and going on a seven-round streak, ending the half at 10-5.

The second half went much better for Fnatic, who took the second pistol round. But they did minimal damage to Astralis’ economy, and the Danes got six bomb plants in a row, four of which were victories. Fnatic were out of fuel and Astralis closed the map 16-10.

Next up was Cache. Fnatic had a chance to step up their game after some time to clear their heads, but the assault from Astralis was unrelenting. The first half was even more devastating than on Overpass, and Astralis went up 13-2.

Astralis won the second pistol round, a round that Fnatic desperately needed for their economy. The Danes had the Swedes with their backs against the wall and they knew it. After taking the map to match point 15-2, Astralis took a BM pause.

Fnatic needed a miracle. For a moment it looked like they had one, after they took three rounds in a row. But they were too far gone, and Astralis took the map 16-5.

According to the post-game interview with Finn "karrigan" Andersen, the pause was in response to someone on Fnatic saying that it was going to be an easy match against Astralis.

Fnatic’s Dennis "dennis" Edman didn’t take it lightly.

Astralis will move on to face Natus Vincere in the semifinals, while Fnatic have been eliminated.

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