Na`Vi sweep Astralis 2-0, advance to MLG Major Grand Finals

by Dennis Gonzales Apr 2 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Adela Sznajder / ESL

Natus Vincere won a clean 2-0 series against Astralis in MLG Major Championship: Columbus' semifinals Saturday to secure their spot in the Grand Finals where they will face the winner of Luminosity Gaming and Team Liquid.

Astralis picked Inferno as the first map of the set, and it worked out well for the Danes as Na`Vi only had a 7-8 scoreline during their CT half. Astralis set themselves up for a strong CT side themselves, but the second half saw a number of scrappy rounds with both sides trading back and forth.

Neither side could get a strong hold on the game, but Na`Vi managed to eke out the last two rounds to win 16-14.

Na`Vi chose Dust 2 for Game 2 and got off to a monstrous start by taking the pistol round and going up 8-0 before Astralis could win a round. The pressure was mounting on the Danes and they were making misplays they couldn’t afford to make.

During Round 12, a 1-versus-1 between cajunb and Edward with 10 seconds left in the round ended in disaster, as Edward managed to kill cajunb following a fake bomb plant.

Na`Vi held the momentum they accrued from the first half and managed to close out the series with a dominating 16-5 finish.

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